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SYD Newbie - Traded in her scooter for a Kawasaki Z300

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Spankipants, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. Hi there!

    New motorcycle rider here. I used to scoot around in a Piaggio Fly 150ie but bought myself a green Kawasaki Z300 this week. It has been a bit of a learning curve swapping from an automatic scooter to a manual motorcycle, especially since I'm still on my Ls, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it :)

    I really enjoy the whole riding experience and I'm looking forward to meeting like-minded people on this forum as well as some long rides outside of Sydney!

    Here are some photos of my Z300:


    (That's my friend's Z1000 in the background)


  2. A mini-ninja, very nice!!!
  3. Welcome along.
    Check out the learner sessions at Homebush to meet some very knowledgeable folk and some in those early stages of developing the skills
  4. Nice to see the new Z in the flesh SpankipantsSpankipants. Very nice, next you'll need a pipe upgrade lol. Enjoy the new ride...
  5. good choice!
  6. I thought about a Ninja 300, but thought the Z300 suited me better :)
  7. I'm planning to go to the Homebush session this coming Saturday (if weather permits) :)
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  8. Welcome the the forum. Nice looking bike!
  9. Thank you! I see you ride a KTM Duke 390. That was one of the other bikes I was looking at getting!
  10. Yip - awesome having a little naked bike - fun to commute with, low weight, nimble handling, doesn't break your back. I hope you get to experience many memorable moments on your Kwaka as well.

    PS: There is a Learners group ride planned for next weekend so the Learners session might not be on. - watch the thread for more info.
  11. Nice one, bike looks awesome. Race u to the pie
  12. Welcome to the forum, fellow newbie :)
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  13. A fellow Kawasaki rider! Nice to meet you!
  14. Haha kawapower!
  15. welcome aboard :] congrats on the bike
  16. You and your mate have very good taste in bikes, welcome aboard
  17. Nice ride Spandas, what, if any, farkles do you have planned for it?