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[Syd] New Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Gustlik, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Recently got my P’s, have a 2005 Hyosung 650 naked and live three suburbs from the Old road. I have been riding for about 6 months to and from work plus occasional joy ride. Well … there was a long break during that time when my bike was in for repairs. I’ll jolt it down so other can avoid it.

    I took a trip down memory lane chasing a burger at Peats Ridge (north of Sydney), problem was it was the wrong lane. Took a wrong turn ended up on road that eventually turned to gravel. In retrospect (wonderful thing that) I should have stopped, before the gravel and done a u-turn but being a learner and not knowing any better I killed the speed to 10-15km/h and hoped for a turn off that never came.

    I have not encountered a worse surface to ride on since. Needless to say one small bump quickly followed by another and my bike was on the ground. Being a Hyosung … a lot of things broke; handle bars got bent, mirror snapped, tank dinted, speedo/headlight shattered and all leavers/footpegs including the pillion one on one side of the bike snapped. If that was not enough, while picking it up, it all happened again … it fell over on its other side. Without break/gear leavers the bike wasn’t going anywhere, not that I would have trusted riding it back. Had to get it towed.

    Amazing how much damage can be caused at such a slow speed. Myself I was ok, the leg under the bike had a few choice scrapes (jeans). The other knee put a sizable dint in the tank, only started hurting a day later, same as the shoulder I landed on. Shaken, but it could have been a lot worse. Riding boots saved my ankles from any harm and the leather jacket meant my upper body had not a scratch. Dragging Jeans were a post crash purchase; the jeans went to the bin.

    This took the bike out of action for two and a half months. Total joke, I do all my services/repairs at a different shop since then.

    Looking back at the incident, it was a great learning experience. It brought me back down to earth. I was way too overexcited at getting my Ls and the bike bit back. Respect the two wheels and don’t go outside your comfort zone. … I still have an acute case of gravelophobia.

    So that’s my hello/introduction, just want to also say it’s great to have a bike and be part of the bike community. The community itself is not what I expected (I think I held the general publics misconception), friendly nods as you ride by, making space at the lights for other riders to fit and the way you guys stick for one another when one takes a stumble. Great to see, hope I can contribute.

  2. Dear Gus,

    You suck.


    Your pal TheYak

    :rofl: Welcome mate.
  3. hi welcome
  4. Chickibabe :

    Would love to come down, meet some new people, have a ride.
    Probably can't this week as I am dropping the bike off for a service on friday morning, but if its finished by 1pm on Sat i will come. Did my Ps at Rouse Hill, so know exactly where to go.


    Dont hate me because you are jealous :)
    Its going to be a mad month on the Pacific Highway around Berowra, before/during Christmas. Always piles of cops before the two service stations, so slow down before you hit the 60 if you are heading up there :D
  5. :LOL: That was pure tongue-in-cheek Gus. See ya up there some time, the best knee-sliding road around Sydney IMHO. Never speed through the residential sections (watch out for the driveways just north of Mooney Mooney), take it easy on the straight parts of the good bits, look out for the glue snakes between Pie and the bridge, crap on the road on the closed section...and always take the first lap slowly :) Personally I speed up for corners :p
  6. Hehe gotcha.

    Its a great road, though i do prefer the roads up towards Wiseman's Ferry. They tend to be a lot quieter and just as good. Don't like to slow you all down :)
  7. Hey Gus Welcome to NR

    As Chickibabe said Join us at the fiddler sometime
  8. welcome to netrider, personally i have found the roads around wisemans and spence to have appalling surface, but gotta love the old road, must get up again and do it soon
  9. welcome to netrider and you are welcome to come to Terry Hills coffee nights each fortnight (next one 12/12/07)https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=36460&highlight=

    we meet in the carpark at Terry Hills tavern for a 6.30 departure for a blat down and back up Mc Carrs creek road just for sh1ts and giggles and return for beer and pizza :LOL:

  10. And they didn't tell you about the whips and chains either :LOL: :LOL: Welcome to the New World Order.....
  11. Welcome-y welcome :) Sucks about the bike trauma over the g$%^el!!

    Come to a coffee meet like everyone ^^ says.


  12. Welcome welcome...

    Sucks to hear about your bike. Nothing worse than not being able to ride when you just get a bike.

    Hope to c you round.