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[syd] new MCA shop parramatta opening sale.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by donaldo74, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Just a heads up for anyone after gear MCA parramatta just opened a new shop on parramatta road with discounts across the store.

    popped in for a squiz and picked up an Rjays paddock race stand for $79 dollars.Shop looks great too heaps more room and easy parking unlike the old shop.
  2. Parramatta Road is a loonnng road; wanna post the actual address, or maybe a Giggle Maps linky-thingy?
  3. Thanks for that; I may well toddle up there for a gander this weekend.
  4. I went in there today, huge space, same range as before.
    Half the stock seemed to be still in boxes and didn't see any opening specials.
    Will be good when all the stock is out.
    Its right next the speed camera.
  5. yeah same block as seconds world.I was told 10% across the range except specially marked items.specials havent been marked as they are still stocking the shelves.

    Im guessing they will expand their range with the amount of space theyve got.
  6. Wo, looks so big and open .. kinda like a warehouse. Hope they do expand the range too.

    Anyways, doesnt deserve a separate thread so I'll also add I bought a jacket (RJays XII) from them back in June and have just found some of the stitching coming apart. Called and took it back. Not only no quibbles but they lent me another jacket while it got fixed. Get this .. took it back Sat and got it back today (Tuesday). That is service you cannot fault.
  7. i checked it out on the weekend and was a bit surprised they only had 2 different 1pc suits available.. but will go back again to see when they get new stock :) its cool with all the space and choice!
  8. Yeah they are great blokes there. they have helped me out countless times, i kinda consider them as mates, cause i go in alot, and they always have a chat with me. thats the service ive come to expect from them, ive never had any different kind of service at mca.
  9. Been into MCA (old store) twice. Both times the service was carp! Find the prices, range and service at my local (Wollongong) shops OK. Think I'll shop local. :)
  10. Do you need a special licence for carp?
  11. they kept blowing bubbles at him :LOL: