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[SYD] new location needed 1st Tue Night Monthly

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Dante, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. On the first Tuesday Night of every month at 7pm Sydney Motorcycle Riders that participate on this forum & ride days are meeting at the -------------, on -------------.

    All riders of Motorcycles or Scooters are welcome to attend. I would also like to encourage those who are booked into their Pre Learners Course to become future motorcyclists to attend & maybe ask questions about motorcycling, Motorbikes plus the different gear that you may need or the licencing process & testing involved..

    If you are traveling to New South Wales from another state this is a night that you will want to be in Sydney to come along & share your stories and experience of your travels & meet up with folk from sydney.

    The Meeting Dates are as follows meeting time is 7pm

    watch this space for new dates.

    if you dont have a bike yet you may wish to attend by car or train. you can get to the ------------- by ---------
  2. I have posted this on scooter forum , hopefully some will turn up. Ill make sure ill bring a camera and illl make a good wallpaper for people to use as there backgrounds.
  3. I may go next Tuesday, but will be taking train.... bike's not ready yet :cry:
  4. I would like to go meet up and talk bike stuff but Tuesdays are out for me :( , maybe when soccer season is over.
  5. i would like to attend the meet if i can would be good :)
  6. Everyone is welcome Nightrider.
    I'm sure you and Toecutter (another Netrider) will get on well...LOL.

    What happens at the Brewery? " I dunno mate, I just got here meself."

    Hope to see you there.

    I'll keep looking up at the night sky yeah? :LOL:
  7. Bring your helmet chrissy. :)
  8. Hey Jaqhama!
    Awsome another mad max fan :)
    The Toecutter he knows who i am...i am the nightrider!..I'm sure i'd get on with the Toecutter he's a legend.Will Bubba be there as well? LOL.

    See ya at the brewery Jaqhama see ya at the brewery like we saw the nightrider!

    Remember the nightrider when you look at the night sky :)
  9. Huello Guys,

    Is there any riding afterwards or just dinner?
    I live just around the corner from the pub.
  10. I do a fairly good Seth Efrican accent.

    "Must have cut his heart out hey?"

    Make sure you don't lose Johhny on the way, because I'm not going back for him, not me, not for him!

    See you on the night...rider. (or soon to be rider anyway.)

    Cheers. :cool:
  11. Ah yes the nightrider, a fuel injected suicide machine - hotter than a rolling dice.....
  12. I will be there providing something unforseen doesn't come up.
  13. hey jachama :) johnny the boy got cuffed to the car..but i'll make sure cundulini is riding on that rubber road to the brewery..

    hey toecutter good to see ya :)
    Jachama has told me you were on here..just remember to bring the bronze it gives you power :)
  14. hey peps, ultimate noob here! i should be able to make it. I hope I will be able to ride there if all goes to plan, if not I shall be drinking the brews. How other many noobs are going?

  15. You blokes are trippin'. Oh and ya better send a meat wagon, Charlies copped a saucepan in the throat.
  16. Been on the boards for a little bit, but still a riding newbie. Will also be the first time I can put some faces and real names to some online ones.
  17. PMSL @ hond@ omg im in stiches here laughin..stay off the roads!!!!!!!!!!
  18. hey Chrissie,
    I had a meeting with architects at Surry Hills this afternoon and I parked at the bike parking area next to the RTA building. Parked there was a SL230 and I thought it was yours since its walking distance to your building.

    Lucky I didn't leave a message ! :grin:

    . . . . and Surry Hills :eek:
    The vespa parked next to it with the rainbow pride stickers would have got jealous ! :LOL:
    . . . . not that theres anything wrong with that ! :p

  19. OK guys. I will try to meet up with you at the Brewery. But how is the parking there?
  20. 4metres from where you have your beer ! :cool:
    Or in ksystemz case, 3m from where you have your skinny white Latté ! :grin:

    . . . . kidding matti !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.