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[Syd]Need suggestions for showing a tourist around.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, May 10, 2010.

  1. I need the collective bro-power of NR.(OK, Gals, too!)

    As follows:

    Japanese FEMALE friend is coming to Sydney for 7days in late August.


    I suck as Tour guide!

    Need suggestions for places to show Her.

    I have a rough idea at this stage of what I want to show Her but I'm sure there is heaps more I haven't even considered.

    I'm thinking, no particular order yet:

    • Bridge climb
    • Stroll across coat hanger from Nth syd
    • arvo/night dinner at Syd. Tower
    • Captain Cook Harbour cruise
    • Stroll around to Circular Quay/Opera House
    • View some show/concert in Opera House
    • Bondi beach
    • Ride through/to Natio./Stanwell tops(suggestions further south?)

    modes of transport I have at my disposal: Motorcycle, Car, Public transport, of course.




  2. Pancakes on the rocks (it's yummy!), the zoo (it's fun!), the moving restaurant top level of Australia Square (it's awesome!), and China Town (because it's heaps cool!).

    Maybe even ferry to Manly, Skydiving in Picton (WILD! :D ), and the aquarium (I love the seals :) )
  3. OH and WHALE WATCHING - perfect time of year for it :D

    umm... maybe not a good idea lol
  4. not sure about skydiving...

    Though, i will have to look into Hot air balloon$.

    Not sure about the zoo. you have Featherdale, Taronga, as well as well as that wildlife world.

    Oh, She MUST hold a koala!

    decent places to eat?
  5. Last Japanese tourist I showed around was not so interested in man made structures, instead she wanted to see all our bizarre Australian animals !!

    So I took her to RNP, Blue Mountains, Reptile Park, Tauranga Zoo and Dad's farm !
  6. Depends on what you are trying to achieve.....if you want to be flash then take a sea plane from Rose Bay up to the Cottage Pt Inn for dinner....they do reasonable deals for overnight accomodation too.
  7. ..Blue Mountains is always a nice spot too..... or Jenolan Caves :grin:
  8. Decent places to eat - definitely Pancakes on the Rocks (north rocks and the rocks sydney), lindt cafe, china town, and that place that is germanish? Never been there myself, but it does those beers and um... It's close the Town Hall / Wynyard?
  9. Lowenbrau (something like that anyway)

    Kebab in Auburn
  10. Yeah, the lowenbrau :) ta! I think there is another one... up on Clarence St or something?

    Pauls famous hamburgers in Sylvania
  11. harrys cafe de wheels, umm take them to starcity casino, the japanese dont have casinos in japan, and will give her a chance to try her luck, trust me they have a deep inner urge to gamble (like all asians!)

    when u do take her to starcity give me a buzz, ill get u upstairs and show you around !
  12. she can come to my house :D

    eat at rotating restaraunt Sydney Tower
  13. Awesome guys/gals.

    blue mountains, check!

    pancakes, check!

    eat a meat pie, check!

    actually, japan has a mind numbing gambling addiction to Pachinko. these parlors are everywhere!

  14. Pachinko does not compare to the various other gambling games that are avalible at star city, from roulette to baccarat to blackjack to sicbo, to even the humble slot machines, to pai gow, to poker to 'big wheel' to pontoon, to craps ect the number of differnt games that are on offer compared to the crappy and boring game of Pachinko, im sure she would like some variety in her life, dude she will get the biggest smile stepping into starcity, all her gambling instincts inside her will run wild

    take her there man, she will thank you for it, and take her to goz`s house, goz always looks after the girls in the right way ;)
  15. Stanmore Maccas
  16. 'sunite', i loathe casinos.
    couldn't stand 'em in the states, can't stand 'em here.
    i don't even buy a $2 scratchy on principal!
    thanks for the offer.

    i'd much prefer her to have a uniquely aussie experience.

  17. for something really different - Blacktown Drive-in? Nice evening out + 2 movies and you can take dinner - we stop at Oporto's at the services heading east :)

    This week is Iron Man 2 + GI Joe :D
  18. An hour north of Sydney the Australian reptile park has a pretty good show of aussie animals, croc feeding and roaming kangaroos and giant turtles you can pat, feed or whatever.

  19. your suggestions are all spot on.....

    opera house down to opera bar for a drink and lunch then jump on ferry to manly to see harbour then come back after a stroll to manly beach. or lunch or drink at opera bar afterwards...
  20. If I remember correctly featherdale in Blacktown/doonside is the only one around that will actually let you hold a Koala. All the rest just let's you stand near them.