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[SYD] MV Agusta back in Australia, Free test ride day on a Brutale and F4

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by goz, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. MV are back, the new importer is called MV Agusta Imports Australia at Trooper Lu's Garage.

    To celebrate their opening, on April 2nd, Trooper Lu is having an official launch party with a BBQ and test rides on a Brutale and F4



    All i can say is FFUUUUUUUUUUK, i cant go, I'm flag marshalling at Eastern Creek for Barry Sheen day

  2. is it just me... or is that an F3 in that photo?
  3. Is the top one a 920???

    I think its the only one they make with a matt black finish & 1 piece seat, I am keen to see if they bring this one to Aus...
  4. The fairing clearly says F4, so yes, it's just you!

    Also, the exhaust is wring, the F3 has a side exit exhaust.

    They look bloody nice, nevertheless.
  5. Selling MVs out of Moorebank? hmmm.
  6. Indeed...hmmm.
  7. nah, the pic was changed. it said F3.
  8. The pic was initially a F3 then later changed to a F4 as lowercase pointed out.
  9. You're all crazy.
  10. We all hallucinate at times, it's perfectly normal :)
  11. There's a place that sells them on william st opposite the westfield towers.
  12. Not anymore, they stopped a while ago I expect the same time as the old importer stopped.
  13. Hmmm. Wonder if they're gunna bring the 920 in, and if so how much? Like.
  14. That's the very big question. It's somewhat cheaper where the prices elsewhere have been talked of.

    I'd be surprised if they didn't bring it in. There'd have to be decent sales if it's a few grand under the other Brutales.

    900(ish) cc is a great capacity in something like this. Think Street Triple R with 30 more hp, more room, better everything and detail and sound like no other production bike.
  15. Gunna bump this thread back up as I am pretty excited at what I just read..

    In AMC they have a short spiel on the new MV Agusta importer, they expect to have the Brutale 920 later in 2011, woot :)

    And the other interesting thing is, the article states they are advertising the new F4 1000 R at close to $4k cheaper than the previous importer, if this holds true maybe the rest of the MV Agusta bikes will come in cheaper, here's hoping..

    On a further note I actually spotted the first Brutale I have ever seen in the flesh the other day, damn, I do like how they look...
  16. Yep, they do have that nuggety Pit Bull look about them in the flesh don't they :)
  17. What would be a decent guess at price? Could tempt me into waiting for one.
  18. Well if the F4 is near 4 grand cheaper, then the 920 Brutale being under the the other Brutales, which are under the F4 themselves = Dunno.

    Maybe just under 20?
  19. I am a proud owner of the 1078 312 2010 model......did you know it has been voted the Most beautiful sports bike in the world ! And it's faster then the zx 10 2011 model and r1 with less horse power being only 197 hp.

    Has all the brembo gear, sachs rear suspension, large dia front forks but the sad thing is.......no more being produced after this year :(