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[SYD] Motorcycle Show, Nov 18th - 20th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys,

    The Sydney motorcycle show is only about 8 weeks away now and so i thought it was time to start advertising it. I think it would be a great event for all the syd/wollongong/newcastle people to get together at so we can all meet. The Wollongong/nowra/kiama people can organise a ride UP to it, the syd/surrounds people can organise and ride IN to it and the newcastle people can organise a ride DOWN to it.

    It should be a great day with many nice new models on display, plenty of concept bikes, there will be Honda test ride and a Yamaha dirt bike display with big jumps and the like. Also, there will ofcourse be a generous helping of lycra/spandex clad women for you single and some not so single men and women (if you swing that way) to feast your eyes upon.

    I have added these to the events calendar and they are just awaiting Admin approval.

    We could maybe even organise a Netrider stand if the Admins think it a good idea and the funds/trusted people can be found.

    Let me know who's interested as i'd be keen to meet all the syd/wollongong people. Visit http://www.sydneymotorcycleshow.com.au/article33.htm for more information.

  2. what about the rest of the netrider clan that live in NSW :evil:

    as i say again there's more to NSW than syd/woll/new dude ask everyone not just a select area
  3. hey be nice Nigel, he also suggested that the Newcastle people come down for it, so although he didn't mention Cobar specifically, I'm sure he meant it....... lol
  4. Far enough i forgot to mention every city, suburb, town etc. so please shoot me, i have failed oh great one.

    On a serious note, the only reason i mention these specific areas (which includes there surrounds) was because they are relatively close and it would be easier for them to meet and travel. I by no means have EXCLUDED any of the other NSW members. It would be great for you to come along. It just may be difficult for you to make regular appearances at any further get togethers that may arise if everyone see's eye to eye and enjoys one anothers company.

    Also i have found that the majority of the NSW members come from these areas. Please forgive me for finding the bliss in ignorance!

    Josh :)
  5. I'm interested, lets hope we can get a decent turn out from Netrider
  6. yeah i will be going from newy, anyone wanna join in for a ride, was thinkin of maybe hittin down the putty road or somethin.
    from newy or nearby ? tell us yuh thoughts
  7. Include me in, definitely.
  8. any one else going ?
  9. So the list so far reads:

    *NIGHT-RIDER (josh)
    *rc36honda (phil)
    *hornet600 (Paul)
    *fuggit? (if i didn't offend you too much mate)

    Some people i haven't heard from in awhile are:

    *Josh 909

    If we could even get half of these people together it will make a nice group ride in. Maybe we could meet up for Coffee somewhere in the morning and then all ride in together as a group and enjoy the day!!!

    What are some other idea's people
  10. If you're looking to build numbers try a stand at the Pyrmont Bridge display. Organised by MccOfNsw


    The thing is there are a few other social riding groups that are more established, and have a lot more events. Netrider is still mainly Melbourne people.

    3/4 of the people on your list of people who haven't heard of in a while are now active members of oroardsports.

    I'll be at the motorcycle show. Won't be riding in though. I'd rather have a few beers at lunch in Darling harbour :)
  11. I think meeting in the morning is a good idea and I will be a definite starter.
    Dennis (haggis)
  12. I'll come to the bike show.... will leave the credit card with the woman to ensure I don't make any exciting and expensive purchases whilst there!
  13. Ok guys just an update of the people who have confirmed they are coming and would like to organise a meet up somewhere:

    The list so far reads:

    *NIGHT-RIDER (josh)
    *rc36honda (phil)
    *hornet600 (Paul)
    *Haggis (Dennis)
    *fuggit? (if i didn't offend you too much mate)

  14. If there was a lunch time meet up organised for one of the days i would try and make it down to see every one and have a bit to eat.

    Oh and i am not around here much as i work from home 3 days a week and the others 2 have a pritty heavy physio session that usally leaves me near crying and curled up in pain on the couch watching day time TV.

    Don't worry i will get back on a bike as soon as i can throw my leg over one and hopld the weight up myself.

    Any way i will keep an eye on this thread for some more info.

    PS i am still on crutches so if a meet is planned i do not think i would be a prick and ask that every one waited for me while looking thru the motorbike show. I would go through in my own time and probly just bump into everyone.

  15. ill tag along :) are you thinking making it a Saturday or a Sunday?
  16. Hey sanz, we could always hire you one of those pensioner four-wheeler thingies for the day!! :D: (serious, you could get around the show quicker than the people who were walking!!!)
  17. sounds good, i need to feel the control you can only feel when you are the lose nut behind the wheel.
  18. i cant make sunday have work picnic day

    so im right for saturday
  19. Ok guys the show is getting close now so it's time to get this organised properly. I was thinking of doing it on either the saturday or sunday so that people don't have to get off work etc. Also i am doing a shark dive at Manly Aquarium on friday so it suits me better also.

    Therefore what do people want to do:

    (a) Meet up Early morning, go for a ride and then go to the show?
    (b) Meet up for breakfast and then go to the show
    (c) All organise a meet place somewhere and proceed directly to the show!

  20. My old mans flyin up for some work crap on friday and stayin the weekend(i told him to ride up buts hes a sook) So ill drag him along to the show on saturday, prob just via public transport. Might catch yas there if anyones there on the sat...