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[SYD] Motorcycle accessories factory outlet/cheap retailer?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by daedalus, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. im looking for a branded leather jacket. MCAS and Action atm do not have sales

  2. Shame you aren't a member. You could have access to the BikeBiz forum where they are actually running a special on a jacket ;)
  3. member of what? :)
  4. thinking the same thing myself

    member of Netrider, $10 one-off payment

    MCS is the distributor of RJays gear, and they have very few other brands than that
  5. Damn I didnt know but hey I just became a member :)

    Also a great retailer is http://www.bikegearwarehouse.com.au/
    They sell Joe Rocket, Cortech and Tourmaster jackets

    Cheers Paul.
  6. MCS? Or did you mean MCAS? Anyway I stopped going to MCAS due to their limited selection in non-RJays apparels. For similar price I rather get A* from BikeBiz than RJays from MCAS.
  7. OMG! Is there a hidden BikeBiz forum?

    I get text messages from them but I didn't know they have active discussions going on here!
  8. It's a new section, where they will offer specials to members....
  9. scribal error; I MEANT MCAS, of course :oops:

    I spotted a new motorcycle shop yesterday on King George's Road in Blakehurst, "Simon's Superbikes"?? or something like that; anyone know about this establishment?
  10. where is the bikebiz forum? and where can i find the prices they are offering?
  11. Once you do this

    then you will be able to access the forum