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[SYD] Motorbike Parking on King St Query

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by taiheung, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Hey fellas,

    Parked my bike on King St today (cnr of Clarence & King I think) and was walking back from lunch when I realised that the entire strip is a clearway due to "special event" from 4-7pm until early Jan '08.

    I'm willing to be most of those riders who have parked there haven't noticed as there's no way they'd leave their offices to re-park in the middle of the day, where they won't be able to get a spot.

    My question is: has anyone else parked their in the last 4 days and if they have, have they had to avoid/experience the towtrucks? Or have they seen bikes still parked there between clearway hours?

    I need to know whether or not to move my bike to a shitty location @ 4pm or stand defiant with the rest of the motorbikes. :cool:

  2. I'd find time to move it !

    I've seen City of Sydney rangers move cars when the area becomes a clear zone. And boy, the tilt tray operators don't show any mercy on what type of car it is . . . eg. scraping front spoliers, attaching cables to steering arms etc ! - all of this on top of a fine !

    Moving it also benefits society in general !

    One of my traffic pet hate is when self centred car owners don't move their cars and hinder the flow of traffic for everyone else !!!!!!