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[SYD] Mooney Mooney Ride

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by 23790554, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. Hi, I am new here, this will be my first post.

    Does anyone in Sydney with a 250cc or not so super sport bike want to get together for a ride in Mooney Mooney this Sunday (14th)?
  2. Maybe, I'll check with the boss!!!
  3. What time are you thinking, mate? Maybe... and since we've got the same bike an' all... :)

    And by the way, when you say Mooney Mooney, do you mean the Old Road? ('cos the Freeway isn't all that interesting)
  4. Love to do it but I gotta be in Goulburn, so have a good one, be safe!
  5. And just out of interest and a bit off the topic, what is the significance of your nick, "23790554"?
  6. Dammit, that would be cool, but I have to go to maitland for the weekend :(
  7. Make a Place & Time to meet up i might be able to come. Depends on how i'm feeling seeing i will be working all night :(
  8. I was going to ask the same thing :)

    phone number?
    police line-up number?
    local pizza shop number?

    c'mon, fess up!!!! :LOL:
  9. Have a look at www.oroadsports.com

    A Sydney-centric forum with a penchant for the Old Road. :)

    We're doing a L & P plater ride (with some bigger bikes along for a "cruise" pffft!) on this coming Saturday.
  10. i didn't think my nick would cause such a stir? it's my old ICQ number back in the days whn it was popular.

    I plan to go up to Mooney Mooney by the pacific hwy through Hornsby, up the mountain roads through Mooney Mooney and then back down. I plan to start at about 9am??

    I was there last Sunday and there was alot of bikes there, I would say about 100 to 150 bikers, but there was no way I can keep up with them when they are going through corners at 120km/h

    so I thought I would see if anyone with a 250cc or not so super sporty bikes that want to meet up.
  11. aha, the old ICQ.
    good move to ride with similar capacity and ability riders, no-one needs to race.
  12. Yep, know exactly who those people were! Several FireStorms and a GSXR1000. Mad people!!!!!


    Good choice of bike too!