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[Syd] Monthly get-together

Discussion in 'NSW' started by hornet, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. The second Tuesday night of the month at the Homebush Bay Brewery (Olympic Blv, Homebush Bay - lower ground level of the Novotel) from 7:00pm for a regular ride/meal/coffee. So, that's when and where it is, don't miss it if you can.

    July 12th
    August 9th
    September 13th
    October 11th
    November 8th
    December 13th
  2. see ya there guys n gurls
  3. Sounds good to me...
  4. Sweet hopefully i can make it to a couple. How many people usually rock up?
  5. We have had as many as 11 and as little as 3, but, hopefully, when it becomes a fixture, we'll get more as people organise their timetables around it.
  6. yep yep I'll be there
  7. yep... lock it in eddie ;)
  8. my bikes enigne went boom and a rod went through the block..

    new engine wont be ready by next meet up.. so i wont be there

  9. Hey Tommi
    Tough break, but you don't HAVE to ride your bike to be part of the night. Can you get a lift or something? Let us know if we can help.
  10. blew a 250 engine? yikes how old was ya bike?
  11. Don't forget Syd/W'gong members and friends. Next regular gathering Tuesday 12th at Homebush.

    Don't miss it if you can.
  12. Yeah, let's have a good gathering, I'll bring along a card for everyone to sign and send to our good buddy Sanzy.
  13. in the past, what time have people stuck around until?
  14. Whenever
    As long as there's tall tales to be told!!!
    I know that's not a time, but it's very informal.
  15. Wooo0oooo

    First official meet in 4 more sleeps :p

    my bike should have new (and fatser) engine in it by sunday so all should be sweet
  16. Just a reminder, folks, tomorrow night at the Homebush Bay Brewery, 6 - 7 ish till whenever.
    The food there is terrific and affordable, the company will be great, (particularly if YOU turn up) and I'll have a cheer-up card we can sign and send to Sanzy.
  17. If I get food poisoning can I sue netrider?
  18. Like to be there, but i will be at work :cry:
  19. Manny, NO!
  20. Rikki, we are going to try and organise a weekend event soonish, perhaps another Sunday arvo ride through the national park, and a coffee at Helensburgh, or something like that.