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[SYD-MELB] BBQ Ride (got a spare back yard??)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. Hey Guys and Gals, i'm thinking of making the trip down to melbourne for the BBQ this weekend. I'll be leaving on the Friday morning to hopefully arrive friday late afternoon/night. Anyone is welcome to join me on this trip or give me any pointers.

    Then plan is to attend the BBQ and maybe check out Scorpion Race Gear for a leather jacket, Then leave on the Sunday morning for home again.

    So my question is does anyone have a spare backyard that i could pitch a tent in (no rude jokes please) and stay the friday and saturday night in?? It would be greatly appreciated if they do. If not i'll just check in to a local cheap motel/caravan park/back packers for the 2 nights.

    Josh =0)
  2. Im sure there will be other offers for more than just some backyard space :p
    I for one have a couch :)
  3. YAY!!!
  4. There seems to be a space left in mine if ya get stuck
  5. I should have no problem in convincing my housemate for at least 1 night, we have a spare room and bed. :)

  6. That would be cool, how far from the city are you??
  7. I don't have much room in the house (Living with parents :( ) but i have a patch in the backyard if you have nowhere else to go.
  8. Micheal!!! roflmfaotnotmp at your sig :D

    (story behind that! road trip report asap)

    So josh, sorted yet or looking for more offers?
  9. If you're gonna bags the couch, you better be quick. There's a geek night on after the BBQ, so it'll go pretty quick! :)
  10. If the couch is still free am i able to bags it??? before milo does that is?? Booga offered a room but hasn't replied back yet so i'll take the couch for now if that is cool?? Or will i be intruding on geek night??

    Josh =0)
  11. :LOL: I dont think Milos will be baggin the couch anytime soon :p he can sleep on the floor :D

    Id be pretty definate that booga wil come through with the room; but am putting a reserved note on the couch for you just in case :)
  12. Thanks Eswen!!
  13. I would have a spare bed available for you if I was going to be in melbourne. As it turns out, we are driving up to Wollongong for the weekend for a friends birthday, make sure you keep an eye out for a Gun metal grey Vitara as we pass each other, that's if you are going via the Hume :D
  14. haha, thanks for the offer deb, i'm honored to be offered a bed at HQ. I don't think i will be passing you however as the thought of sitting on the hume on my ZZR is too painful to comprehend. I think it will definately be the coast road for me. I guess it just depends how i feel the morning i depart. Does anyone know the time difference from Sydney to the city in Melbourne between the two roads??
  15. Sorry mate, was confirming with housemate... Its all good, both nights are there if ya need em :) But really, who doesn't want to goto Geek night :LOL:

  16. exactly! geek night is the coolest thing since CAT cables.
  17. So can i come to geek night and occupy your couch?? I'll bring chocolate as a peace offering!!
  18. Cats have cables??? :shock:
  19. If you need the reason why explained to you, then you wouldn't understand :p
  20. ill keep the "reserved" note on it for you :p