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[syd] mechanic needed for 12000km full service

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jaeyon, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. hi guys im after someone to service my bike. does not have to be serviced at a shop, but does need to be done properly.

    anyone have any recommendations on where to take it and how much id be looking at for a major service?

    bike is a 2001 kawa zx6r. thanks

  2. I know a great guy in the UK...are you near there?
  3. you cant see that it says sydney under my nick? i guess its true what they say about you perth people ;)
  4. I could see it once I opened the post :wink: I would deem it an inestimable honour if you were to be so kind as to edit your post to show "[Locality]mechanic needed for 12000km full service"...and woah dooood you might like you know get some hectik suggestions. Peace out Jah :!: :cool:
  5. what suburb are you in?
  6. good idea, whats with the hectik part, i dont think i worded my original post poorly?

    im in the liverpool region. thanks
  7. I wuz jst been fully sik bro :LOL: chillax :!:
  8. MotoCt Danny 0434618207

    Address: 1/245 railway pde, Cabramatta Telephone: (02) 9754 1885