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[SYD] M4 eastbound - potholes

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Enigma, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    With last weeks torrential rain, I have noticed a number of large potholes between James Ruse Drive and centenary drive heading East bound.

    Each pothole is about 5cm deep so riders beware.


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  2. Thanks man, that's my route home (y)
  3. I just rode through there, granted i was in the right lane though, didn't see any. Whereabouts / which lane are they in?
  4. I drove through there this morning ( :( - my helmet will mess up my hair) and saw nothing either.

    I'm guessing they'd be in the left lane where all the heavy traffic is?
  5. Correct to all, potholes on the left lane.

    Hit about 5 of them in my car while driving this morning.
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  6. While on the topic of potholes, outside the ABC building on Harris St at the intersection of Thomas St there is a rather large pothole in the middle lane towards the left side of the lane. I wouldn't want to ride over it. A car went over it and it made a huge thump so could only imagine a bike hitting it.

    I know alot of bikes ride around here as I hear them all day long wishing I was outside riding instead of working!
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  7. Thanks random,

    That is the way I go home, I'll avoid it like the plague
  8. No problem. It was only quite small on Friday and looks like it is growing as the day goes on. Hate to see it tomorrow, especially with the amount of trucks that go along this road. It is hard to see if you are coming up the road heading towards Broadway/George St.
  9. Confirming this!. The pothole at the set of lights smack bang between lane 1 and 2.

    Getting considerably bigger and can catch you of guard.

  10. cheers for the info mate
  11. Pothole on Harris has been patched up :)
  12. All potholes on left lane have all been fixed up. Although not exactly flat, still be cautious

  13. Asking a bit much for them to make them flat, haha. I don't think I have seen a fixed pothole flat. Then within a few days after trucks going over it, it will have a nice dip through it...
  14. Oh yeah!, couldn't agree more with you on that. A good example is the carpark for officeworks fivedock. The ashphalt there will never get fixed up.
  15. Had my head in the clouds otw to work this morning and copped a tankslapper when I changed lanes. Those gouges along the road that they've sealed with tar are opening up again. Mostly between coleman st and silverwater rd eastbound, I'd expect much of the same westbound.

    Take care at night :/
  16. Thanks, I've had many occasions with my front going crazy on those.

    M4, rather sydneys roads are riddled with MC unfriendly repairs.

  17. WTF are those gouges in the road that go for a few hundred meters? When I first got my Ls riding on the m4 these things scared the shit out of me. I've seen them when driving in the car but never realized how deep they are and make the bike track in them...
  18. these dudes are getting pretty big, fairly sure you could fit a 3rd of the front wheel in there
  19. Especially the ones on the centenary drive exit heading east bound.

    Could easily fit a 120 wide tyre. no problems