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(SYD)Lone Star resteraunt and bar Chullora

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jaqhama, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Sleddog suggested the Lone Star Steakhouse at Chullora, five mins down the road from the HBB.

    I am a little taken aback at the price of the meals myself.

    But it does say you can book tables or even a room, free of charge.

    So we could probably have our own room, which holds a certain appeal I admit.

    The website is below, peruse it, click on the menu options, let me know what you guys and gals think.

    Cheers: Jaq.
  2. There is plenty of parking and a servo right next door.
  3. Too pricey for me, >$20 for a main and nearly $30 for a steak :shock: The last time we went to a LoneStar the SO ended up with a sever case of food poisioning, never been back.
  4. Yes, Jaq, Lone Star has always been on the expensive side. Mind you, being able to throw your peanut shells on the floor DID have a certain vandalistic appeal.

    No, I think The Ranch is a good spot; I've just got to get my thermo fan issues sorted out so I don't cook my steak on my engine :LOL:
  5. Interestingly, those prices are way higher than the Lone Star at Glendale near me. Said before and will say it again, you get screwed living in Sydney........
    I have to agree with teh dodginess of their service. We went there twice, fantastic food. Went there a third time, no potatoes, no ribs, fiancee got a crappy piece of blade steak instead of a fillet. Left without paying teh bill and will not be back again.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. ...yeah, I have to agree with Greg. Haven't been to a Lone Star in I don't know how long. I have heard various stories about people getting food poisoning etc. Also, their food and beer is quite pricey. Just my opinion is all....

  7. I have to agree with hornet.. my 2c goes to the Ranch... great place, loads of space, cheap meals and so on..
  8. I was not suggesting you abandon the Ranch, posted up the Lone Star as another alternative place to have a dinner night on a future occassion.

    I am still waiting for one of you post the Hooters night up in the calender?
  9. I won't be around for the next month ,so arrange hooters if you want, im sure we will go again.
  10. maybe no-one gives a Hoot...... {groan}
  11. will doo it on the 30th am going to post it up n next few days

    https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=23842 :?:

    i didnt see this in off topic till today.
  12. Weds the 30th? That's good, I am off that night.

    I'll let you post it up, just in case I am called into work.

    Cheers: Jaq.