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[SYD] Loftus Park (Royal Nat.) BikeTorque breakfast 30/10/05

Discussion in 'NSW' started by damov, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. There is a "FREE" breakfast and get together being held at loftus park (just before royal national park turnoff) on sunday 30th october between 7am and 10am. (thats what the banner said)

    I am going to be there and I am guessing lots of other netriders will be too seeing that its a free feed! :)

    Lookout for the black and red flames r6 it could be me.

    Hope to see you all there.

  2. Just curious, mate, who's running it and funding it, and is it for a charity or something?
  3. Not sure hornet I just saw this huge banner there last weekend in the loftus park carpark I will have to check it out next time I ride out there or if anyone else knows put up a post here.
  4. Thanks mouth! There you go all the info you need to know about BIKE TORQUE event!

    So whos going?
  5. count me in, provided i have time to fix my bike by then!
  6. From memory Josh actually did up the poster for the breakfast torque.
  7. free breakfast, how could i miss it :D
  8. cool super six we should meet at the regular servo!

    What time you going? I am thinking get there around 8:00.
  9. yeah cool, ill be at the servo at 8 or are you aiming to be at the soccer fields at 8?
  10. Lets meet at the servo at 8:00.

    You will be there on your new black daytona right?
  11. ill be there, but not yet for the daytona :cry: i think i need to ride it again :D , maybe i could get some triumph stickers for my current bike
  12. BUMP!!!!

    Yo just a reminder about this event tomorrow be there or be square!

  13. Hey damov, what servo are you guys meeting at?
  14. yep, that was me and ironically i'm not going - the VTR is in the shop and i thought i would take advantage of being bikeless and spend some quality time with my girlfriend. :LOL:

    have fun guys :)
  15. the no name brand (primus I think) just before the bridge on princess hwy.