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[SYD] Lloyd Penn Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by MarvinTheMartian, May 31, 2006.

  1. I've just had the bike serviced by these guys, 20k major service with a nasty little intermittent fault.

    They came up trumps \:D/ bike now runs better than it has for a while, and they managed to locate the fault and what was causing it.

    They didn't fix the fault :( but did find out it was a warranty job \:D/ , they also did all the prep work with an authorised Yamaha Service Centre for the warranty job, all I have to do is arrange a date. :dance:

    So i highly recommend these guys, they did a good service and they found a nasty little intermittent fault.

    But shame on Yamaha this is a known fault, so why don’t they do something about it. [-X
  2. I've been to them a couple of times now and wholeheartedly agree. Top Blokes who kn ow exactly what they're doing...
  3. They recently did my 36k service and I reckon I've got a 10% improvement in fuel economy. They're also doing my chain and sprockets tomorrow.
  4. Greg (Marvin),
    What did the service end up setting you back? And where are they located? Also, what is this intermittent warranty fault you refer to?

  5. Cleg St?? Artarmon. In the industrial area there...
  6. i want to say punt street. but i think its punch ?
  7. Yah! Punch is the one, it's off Clegg St...
  8. Punch st, Artarmon. About a 15 minute walk to St Leonards Station.

    He only works on Jap bikes these days. Which is damn annoying as I don't have a jap bike any more.
  9. 34 Punch Street Artarmon 02 9906 8488, $400 for major service incl parts.

    Most other places quoted above this.

    Intermittent fault is relatively common to some of the Yamaha Throttle Postion Sensors, shows up as lack of power, bad/low idling, excessive fuel consumption, engine cutting out, turning the ignition off/on tends to cure it somewhat.

    The catch is Yamaha are not doing a recall even though they know of the problem and have fixed it in more modern sensors.

    It also turns out my bike is out of warranty by about 3 months :(