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[Syd] Leather Repair

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by virtual_circuit, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. A few of the seams on my leather jacket have broken thread, and there is a small tear in the elbow underneath the amour were it needs a patch applied is there anyone, that you guys could recommend for leather repair in the Sydney area? Thought I should ask before taking it to a random tailor.

  2. Venus Repair on Pitt St [underneath Flight Centre] in Sydney City is the best for leather repairs.

    Ph: 9267 0706
  3. Cheers for that, just gave them a call and got them to guestimate, and they sound good. My biggest worry was i was going to have to get a new jacket, as i like this one especially now that it has some love bites. :p
  4. I tore up my Dainese jacket when I first started riding.

    Nearly ripped a couple of the letters off the back, scuffed up heaps, tore one of the sleeve zippers.
    None of the standard clothing repair places would touch it because fixing the zipper involved unstitching and redoing the lining. if they have to touch the lining, they aren't interested.

    Venus did it no worries, restitched all the letters on the back, polished the scuffed sections [they were still scuffed, but at least they were black like the rest of the area] and even matched the new zipper perfectly to the original on the jacket.

    Cost: $100
  5. Yeah thats heaps good, all the places i called either told me they didn't want to do it, or quoted such a high price as to say they didn't want my business. When i called she was like yep can do seemed very enthusiastic, will report back on how it goes :p
  6. +1
    They fixed my old Dri-Rider jacket
    and I would go there again soon to patch the new hole in my leather
  7. i once took a pair of leather pants to a repair shop in kings cross to have some seams repaired.when i got them back there were to big holes cut out where my cheeks go..
  8. I would have suggested dbt leathers in yagoona, Doug is a legend.

    He is currently making me a race suit, custom fitted + colours etc for the princely sum of 2200. He does repairs etc too. His work is something i would consider value for money despite the cost.

    I had a good conversation with him saturday while getting fitted, and he knows his stuff.