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[SYD] - Late Notice social gathering Tuesday 16/1/07

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. hey folks.

    Should we have a social gathering next tuesday ?

    The powers at be are nominating this venue . . .

    Or should we leave it for next Tuesday ????
  2. Hey micky,
    is this that place you were talking about on saturday night. If it is i'll be in for sure. Would be better for me if it was in a weeks time. Rents have been away for 2 weeks and are getting back on wednesday, so i have a lot of cleaning up to do on this tuesday night, but either way i'll be in.

  3. nah, i don't think i've mentioned it !
    We have not had a NR meet at the cricketers arms yet, its been on the books.

    Its Marvin-Greg idea, but he is too scared to post because of his track record of not attending events he posts up ! :LOL:

    Anyway, it could be next Tuesday, I sense Marvin-Greg is changing his mind as I type !
  4. On bloody night shift again Tuesday night, so count me out :(
  5. probably, what time??
  6. it looks like Marvin_Greg is piking again anyway - so it maybe called off until next tuesday.

    A Moretons one maybe happenign for those CBD NRs !
  7. Let me know whats happening I have the night off .
  8. I'm up for having dinner and a beer with you fine specimens of Sydney 2-wheel motoring, this evening!

    "If you book them, they will come..."
  9. So is it on ?
    I have gotten a couple of SMS's !

    So where ?
    Cricketers ??
    Do I send a group SMS ?
    Is it still drinks on me if Marvin and Gypsy turn up ?

    Lets see how intrest goes until 1pm today and we'llmake it official !
  10. Screw that.
    Book a table and tell us it's on!

    Sled's in. I'm in. I reckon D Stump will come too.

    [edit] I haven't been to the Cricketer's before, so that's an idea.
    The Ranch is old faithful - we all know where it is and stuff. I don't mind which one, but if I'm giving Jax a lift then the Ranch is much closer to her, I think.
  11. Actually I did post, but not here :p as I didn't think you smelly lot would leave the ranch :butt: :demon:

    and at least I'll be there, and Gypsy will be arriving later
  12. okay, its on . .

    Cricketers Arms

    Marvin has been sms'ing me, so its on.
    A few new and old faces are coming.

    see you there punkers !

    BTW - Scrambles is on night shift . . therefore stunters won't be coming ! :rofl:
  13. Bike is in for a service so I can't make it. :cry:
  14. Cage it!
  15. Don't own one or want one :grin:
  16. Oooo....Hardcore!!!
  17. Oh ok i found the thread, silly me thinking it would bein the rides and events thingy,

    I was there so i guess i'm in.

    MickyB has the coolest pornstar name ever.

    I thought stimpy albert was pretty cool, but damn!
  18. I think we found a new venue.

    Nice to meet old faces again.
  19. Good night out ,for a late notice dinner. :)

    Like Benji said , :LOL: ...... it's a great spot ,just sit out the front next time so we can see the bikes ,or park the bikes over the back.
    It will be a good spot in winter with the open fire and the back veranda is inclosed.

    Still next time .