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[SYD] - Late Notice social gathering - 28/12/06

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Mickyb V9, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. This has been posted in calender but has not been approved yet. - so i thought i'd give early notice.

    Rosie V9 (and other(s)) is making her way to Sydney (last report was that she was in Batemans Bay). . . . . you see some NR dudes were lunching at Bondi today and a think-tank was happening on what to do tomorrow. :grin:

    Anyway, the plan at the moment is up in the air.

    Sir Hornet600 is planning.
    Duke Mickyb is also putting togther ideas. :LOL:
    Viscount Scrambles is also thinking of where to go.

    And so far a handful are already bored at home and are making themselves available for a ride and lunch somewhere tomorrow.

    Most likely its heading north.
    If tomorrow is going to be a beaut day like today, it should be an awesome ride.

    Post if your interested of coming and also any ideas to show the lovely ladies from Victoria our beautiful city !

    Watch this post for updates.
  2. I'll be watching

    Maybe McCarrs Ck Rd from Mona Vale? Can head to Cottage Point, grab a drink/feed on Pittwater at the Cafe there.

    Or ride Old Road to Brooklyn - nice pub there bistro food or Cafe on Marina with bottle shop next door.

    Or depending on time can ride to Wollombi Pub
  3. good stuff Alex.
    So far around 10 people from Syd are coming.

    We won't be leaving until around 11pm.
  4. Well Wollombi is just over an hour from Berowra

    Then coming back we can go via St Albans or Murrays Run for a bit of dirt :wink:

    So is it Berowra at 11??
  5. Isn't that an oxymoron?? :LOL: :LOL:

    Count me in, but if you're not leaving till 11 PM I might have to get a night-time leave pass from Mrs Hornet... :LOL:.
  6. oooops, i meant 11am
  7. Leaving at 11am is too late for me :cry: Got an appointment at 2.15pm. Where is the meeting point? I can at least come and say hello, maybe ride for an hour or so
  8. I just had an SMS from Rosie. She's camping the night at Kiama, just down the road, so she's planning on calling in here tomorrow morning before heading up to Sydney later, I'm guessing....
  9. Thanks for the update

    So anyone up for a Berowra-Wollombi run and catch up with the others in the arvo?
  10. okay, how about lunch somewhere ?

    Choices are . . . .

    Eastern suburbs - a few of us were there today, so it maybe a No !
    Leichhardt - hmmm, something different.
    Olympic Park - touristy, kinda dead.
    The Rocks - Cool, get to show the mexicans what a harbour city is all about.
    Northern Beaches ? - we have Phil up there to show hospitality.
    Ride to Wollombi - ????

    Okay, i'll be the designated PoC (Point of Contact) in Syd.
  11. I'd like to do lunch, perhaps Eastern Suburbs, show them a REAL beach or two, but probably not the ride, I have other stuff to do late arvo....
  12. UPDATE !!

    Rosie just SMS'ed me !

    She is keen on HUNTER VALLEY . . . . if it is, i'm thinking overnighter - caravan park at Nelsons Bay !!! - just a thought.

    Anyway, on a 3-way with Scrambles - Say Hornet bring them up from the Gong and meet the Sydney contingent at Homebush ! and we go from there !

    And if its riding all day - I we are thinking retire for dinner at Moretons, The Rocks.
  13. Bronte has some nice cafes for lunch..
  14. How about head north to Newport ???
    Some Northern Beaches people want to meet up.
  15. DONE !

    Democracy does work on MSN ! :LOL:

    The decision is - Coogee Bay hotel !

    Some of us are meeting at Homebush Bay, then we ride to Coogee to meet Hornet and Rosie at Coogee for lunch !

    those coming, you have the contact no.s

    See you tomorrow.
  16. OK, update.

    Just had a call from Rosie. I'm meeting her in an hour on the outskirts of Wollongong and escorting her through to lunch at Coogee. That should be around 12:00, with traffic and usual potential delays....
  17. Hey all.

    Won't be able to make it for lunch but if we're doing a spot of riding afterwards I'll be able to tag along.

    I might try to rock up to the Coogee Bay at around 1-1:30pm?
  18. I won't be home from work 'til 5:30pm :(

    But after that, I'll hunt you all down...
  19. get this!
    We are sitting here at sunny Coogee. We as in Rosie, Toecutter, gegvasco, Scrambles, donkey, haggismaen, haggis, hornet and his twin.

    I'm being nerdy on a i-mate. :LOL:

    We are riding this afternoon. Call us if you want to ride. We are showing Rosie around Sydney.
  20. Micky is a nerd!!!!

    -Donkey at home for the friggin doctor-