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[SYD]Late notice - proper coffee night tonight ?

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. Anyone keen tonight to test out Cafe Gioia at Norton St as a future venue?

    Say 6:30-7pm tonight ?

    If there are interested replies here, its a go'er . . .

    If none interested, it'll be just me and my latte ! :(

  2. Don't you mean Latte Notice?

    Man I'm funny.
    And no Micky, I'm still not coming, I don't care what you say about my mother.
  3. More than likely but will know in the next 90mins for sure. Will you be there nonetheless?

    Regards, Nick
  4. Sorry mate. Off to Darwin in 4 hours.
  5. talk about a knee jerk reaction.

    The Solomon Islands PM requests the recall of the Aust. government rep - then they go on Defcon 4 and poor gegvasco has to go to Darwin ! :rofl:
  6. Well if a few people go, i'll go.

    Yeah, sure, im a sheep!
  7. hey homies i'll be there. Got a meeting in city and afterwards i'll have to hang around the place for an hour or more for youz. So do show up, mmkay? :)
  8. What makes you so sure it is the Solomons? 8-[ :LOL:
  9. I can rock up around 6:30pm... Would like a confirmation from MickyB though!!!
  10. hey general, if micky doesnt show up, Panthus and I will be there. But Micky won't let us down, will you, Micky?? :p

    Dude it's 126A Norton st...
  11. i'm in !

    i've been rubber necking recently !
    I better reverse the trend !
  12. I might not be able to make it cos I have just way to much work on. Still I might see if I could off early and get out there.

    In other ways, maybe.
  13. Cafe Gioia was a success !

    We !
    As in general nick, Panthus, Romus, Amy-the-Cop and I, fully endorse Cafe Gioia as the next NR coffee night !!!!

    The coffee is real.
    The food is good value with plenty of selection.
    The atmosphere is A++ !
    The service is tops.
    Bike parking around the eating area.


    I have spoken to the people there and they are accomodating to have us there in numbers.

    So, October tuesday meet ?
    I'll post it up !

    It was a good night, the cruise afterwards was interesting when a platoon of cop cars came out of a side street ! Faaark, it got me worried (for reasons the guys tonight know about) . . . and the general also since a few blocks earlier he was lifting the front wheel ! :LOL:
  14. Sorry Mickyb I'm still at work, I wish I could have been there. I'm so up for Cafe Gioia in October.
  15. Yeah a big fat thumbs up on tonight.

    The service WAS awesome considering they threw in a free italian lesson as well

    I thought it was a bust the way those cops flew out of that side straight. What went through my mind? 'Damn you micky!! Amy's phoned ahead and there setting up a road block now!!!!'

  16. Oh and apoligies for taking us all on that scenic tour through the back alleys of Leichhardt on the way home. What was that all about!!! haha... i swear there used to be a road there, i swear!!!!!!!

    General, i told you i shouldn't lead!! Geez
  17. I seriously got worried ! :eek:

    They came out of the side streets as Nick and I were riding pass ! :shock:

    I seriously thought that was it !

    Either Amy rang ahead, Fast and the Furious undercover cop style ! :rofl: . . .
    or Nick and I were spotted earlier going slightly quick over Iron Cove bridge ! :grin:

    BTW guys ! Amy is a cool police officer !
    Rides a FZR like ktulu, but keeps the rubber down and shiny side up ! :rofl:

    I'll post up pics of the pizzas !! :shock:

    Notice Nick and I order coffees at the start !
    They qualify as a proper coffee venue !! . . . . . its real coffee !!
    I checked out their coffee machine ! :shock: a massive thing . . . looked like the Ducati 999 of coffee machines !!! :rofl:

    Yeah, and I was way out with the pronounciation of Gioia !!! :grin:
  18. LOL at getting lost !

    Now I can have pass on the LOST RIDER crown to Panthus !!

    you see, I use to wear that crown ! :LOL:

    Incident 1 -
    I got Dante, gegvasco and Gypsy lost trying to find St George hospital to visit haggis !

    Incident 2
    I got chrissie lost somewhere between Old Canterbury and New Canturbury Rd looking for Dulwich Hill to again visit haggis ! :LOL:

    Incident 3
    I have to confess to this one.
    On the ride to Tarana with Gypsy and gegvasco.
    I was riding with hope and using the force !
    I had no idea after Lake Lyell where Tarana was ! hahahahaha, lucky guess I reckon !

    So, don't follow me when the words - "just follow me, I know where to go" come out of my mouth !!! hahahaha :LOL:
  19. Thumbs up!!!

    That was someone else on a VFR that looked identical to mine... At least that's one way they won't catch the number plate :shock:
  20. cool post it up micky include directections.

    look forward to seeing yall there in october.