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[SYD] LaneSplit Protest

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kurtis_Strange, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. Ok since we're striking while the iron is hot lets get the official Sydney protest ride thread happening...

    So far we have that the message is going to be "WANT THIS SPACE? LET ME SPLIT" with this graphic.
    Coconuts is going to organise stickers which we can put on the backs of our jackets for the ride, as well as on cars etc.

    Its been suggested that we do several rides from diferent areas which I think is a good idea, perhaps on different days though so we ensure large numbers on each ride?

    One route I am thinking of is along Parramatta Rd about halfway into the city...this is a VERY congested road at the best of time and will definately get our point across if we clog it up in rush hour.

    This weekend I'm going to check out ideal starting points along the road in the way of large carparks or schools where we can all meet up and get organised.

    I suggest we then ride down Parramatta Rd, up George St and through the city ending up at the Opera House where we can all park to make a point. Suggest someone good at public speaking then gets on a megaphone and explains why we are here and what we want to achieve.

    I think this ride needs to be done ASAP, first week in February if possible so we can protest again while it is still fresh in peoples minds.

    Suggest prior to the ride we get flyers done and distribute to every bike shop in NSW, broadcast on all forums and generally get the word out. I can do the flyers once we have the details nailed down.

    Where can we get a megaphone thingy?

    We alert the media once we have a confirmed time & date.

    What do people think?
  2. I wish you luck with your endevour, please let me know any details you come up with , and I'll spread them around, also you may want to check out what MCCNSW is up to
  3. I agree, check with MCCNSW first. A thing like this needs some organisation, like the protest against the tolls.
  4. yep lets do that then. I contacted Bikers Australia and they've said they can look at helping organise something after their Canberra event.

    Don't worry I'm not going off half cocked :grin: I just want to get people talking and thinking about a Sydney ride while the issue is fresh.
  5. Any advice you need please email MRAA at lanesplitting@mraa.org.au .

    Probably best to email us and we will feed you all the lessons that we learned from our ride.
  6. Well why don't you just post all the lessons learned here, now?
  7. Coz they feel more important when you ask for their help.

    Just like the flyer, "ask me for it".

    And they want to pass on the lessons they learnt!!!
    Seems to me they havent learnt a thing :evil:

    I don't know Sydney's road network so I can't suggest anything usefull.
    Get stickers, get press attention, rally a heap of riders together and visit the major cities and put flyers on bikes, get everyone you speak to, to photocopy some flyers during work and "flyer' every bike that they see.

    Send flyers to radio stations, put flyers up around train stations alerting the public to our problems.

    Pretend to wash windscreens for a few hours in peak time and hand out flyers at traffic lights. Saturate the public with information before the ride so when it does happen Joe Public will go, "oh yeah, I heard about that, I know what they are on about"

    Rather than "uh?, bloody bikers, I'll use the emergency lane to get around them."

    Get a good public speaker to address the media, you lose 99% of your credibility when you completely c()ck up a story in front of a camera, (or on radio, *snigger*)

    Use online forums to get the word out. Send me 50 flyers folded so they fit into a DL envelope and I'll send them out with every new Sydney membership.

    One thing that you cannot do is rush it. We've seen the harm an ill thought out ride can do. Plan 80% of it then announce a date, leave some time to get the word out in between and you should be right.

    You need to SELL this to Joe Public, not rush out there and hope & pray that they know what you are on about.

    Hope that helps :)
  8. I dont agree with this type of protest or even think its safe to lane split on 90% of sydneys roads. So all im gonna say is if yous are gonna do it, stay safe and keep yaselves outta trouble :)
  9. Talk to the Mcc before you do anything.

    PM if you need their contact details.
  10. I think I should point out that we're not protesting about Lane Splitting...that's riding thru moving vehicles at speed.
    We're protesting against not being allowed to Lane Filter between stationary or slow moving vehicles.
    There is a subtle difference between the two.
  11. Just a comment. The reason I stopped being involved with motorcycle politics years ago is that personalities seem to come into it (just as much as with any other politics :) ) But with motorcycle politcs nearly eveyone agrees with the end. And they usually reach reasonable agreement on the means. So right now we have Viic and John sniping at each other.

    Which is fine mostly. I mean we are all different. Just be good in this one fight becouse its so important to try and remember we are really on the same side and rise above it a bit.

    And I am as guilty of the above mostly as anyone.

  12. Re: [Syd] Protest ride for legalised lane splitting

    2c worth - less lights the better as there is less bunching etc, recommend western distributor, up over anzac bridge into city. car park at dobroyd rowers will holdplenty of starters, may be a coordinated approach with start points north, sotuh & west converging.

    Also comments re promoting the event ahead of time through the media will give drivers an awareness of what is happening and why. they can then preempt the delays by leaving early / using train (both are still an inconvenience but will result in less rage)
  13. Mik. If you dont think its safe dont do it. easy. But even then why wouldnt you want the option? Even if you just use it to put the two cars already stopped at the lights between you and the trady in the battered white ute who has been chatting on his mobile while hovering 6 cm from your taillight for the last kilometer.

    I bet you do do that. I dont know of an experienced motorcyclist who wouldnt. And that should mean you dont want this law passed

  14. Actually Vic - I was trying to comply with your complaint that we were using Netrider as our own personal MSN Messenger service.

    Hey - what do you want us to do?

    Haven't seen you generating stickers - or getting sponsorship to pay for a good public speaker to address the masses.

    In fact, I have NOT seen Netrider do one thing - other than provide an excellent forum for riders to get the message out - to do other than can the MRAA for even doing something.

    On to other things - did anyone see the letter in the Herald today? :grin: :grin:
  15. Re: [Syd] Protest ride for legalised lane splitting

    Both good points.
    Perhaps its a case of alerting the media the day before?

    As for the lights issue I think I'd have to agree, I was thinking Parramatta Rd because its so congested, but the Western Distributor is just as much so and has a clearer run as far as lights go.

    I ride this route everyday to specifically avoid Parramatta Rd as do most other drivers heading into the city and its always backed up, I usually split all the way into the city using the shoulder where I can so this could be ideal to illustrate the value of lane filtering/splitting to ease congestion.

    Suggest then picking it up from just before the five dock turn off (where it basically starts) and riding it all the way over the Anzac bridge, then off at King and straight up to Maquarie, then down to the Opera House.

    What do you think?
  16. I think there will not be a huge turnout myself and therefore the most obvious place in Sydney to use as a target for a protest is the Sydney harbour bridge at 0830 to 0900 hrs on a weekday morning.
    Bikes riding three seconds apart, at or below the legal speed limit (for safety of course). In every lane. Once over the bridge, up and down the North Sydney CBD, back over the bridge, thru the main south side CBD.
    One group starts from north and crosses bridge to the south at the same time the south group heads across south to north. That should be interesting.
    Remember we HAVE to stop and pay the toll on the way back. I am clumsy, probably take me ages to dig those coins out of my pocket.
    Speaking at the Opera House is a waste of time, (my opinion only of course) just tourists there, and while we may amuse them we wont be gaining
    any support.
    Wherever someone decides to speak they need to have a speech already written out and not just make off the cuff comments. It needs to address the relevent issues, and not be long winded. The media will only report it for about 60 seconds (or less) on the News anyway.
    Answers to questions the media is likely to ask also need to be prepared in advance.
    We need to look professional and articulate.
  17. I totally disagree. Youd have to only have half a brain to not understand what vic means when he says MSN - hes talking about conversations such as
    (in a thread about lanesplitting they deffer totally off topic, to do with NOTHING anyone has posted)
    "so mike, hows it going, hows your dog?"
    "oh yeah great thanks, been bonkin the wife quite abit latley too"
    Providing a peice of information relevent to the topic is NOT spam!!! else matt232 would be banned :p

    on your second point, Netrider is not vic alone, netrider consists of the bikers who attended your ride. I honestly think if it wernt for netriders your protest would not have been half the size it was.

  18. on and good luck with the protest kurtis :) I hope all goes well and you get some changes happening
  19. Yeah ill put my personal safety above the law everytime so ill do whatever it takes. I just dont think sydneys roads are equiped to accomodate it and if it became legal every one would be doin it all the time. I just dont think there is enough margin for error on sydney roads and i see too many people make mistakes and touch up cars or take off mirrors in an attempt to do so.

    Ive expressed my opinion about this before. I dont mind what other people do as long as doesnt directly effect me. Ill say goodluck to yas in your quest but just make sure yas dont hit me as you come past or ill let you know about it :p
  20. i have to say that i found most sydney roads too skinny to split on, esp inner city.
    but this could be very effective protest on tolls?