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[Syd: Lane Cove] Lloyd Pen M'cycles. Good/bad?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Hey blokes and ladies:

    A friend of mine was kersmashied off his VTR1000SP2 this morning by a ute doing a U-turn over double-white-lines.

    Bike is at the nearest bike shop: Lloyd Pen Motorcycles.

    Mate doesn't know whether to let them do the work or take it somewhere else.

    Anyone got any experience with them?

    --[there is a small chance this Q should be in one of those other homo low-traffic forums, but he kinda needs to sort this out this morning: so some quick advice/info would be appreciated]--
  2. Good to hear your mate's okay, and shame about the bike. As for the shop, I dunno, but still, you should know better...

    Where are the pics?
  3. Lloyd Penn is one of the bast operators around Sydney. Expensive but should not matter in an insurance claim.
  4. haha touche; I shall request pics off him!

    Hmm google actually turned up a thread on here where Search didn't - seems like a good shop.

    [edit] Thanks karl, I'll let my mate know. Cheers.
  5. Kersmashied!! :LOL: :LOL: Sorry to hear about your mate but mind if I use that? Kersmashied :LOL: Not sure why that made me laugh so much. Like it.

    Nothing useful to add to this post sorry.
  6. I had a nightmare issue with procycles in hornsby where they over tightened my steering head bearing then were saying my frame was bent, ANYHOW... i took it to lloyd and he fixed it in 15mins and didnt charge me. So lloyd penn/cody and the other guy are top blokes.
  7. yep, lloyd penn is great. very honest and up front about everything. i dont have extensive experience with mechanics, but i'd give these guys an a+++ rating. cody is good man, as is lloyd.
  8. I've put my bike into Lloyd Penn's twice now, and each time everything's been done perfectly. Recommend him for sure.