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[SYD] Kangaroo Valley, Nowra run Sunday 16th April

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by damov, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am going to do a run to nowra via macquaries pass - kangaroo valley from loftus oval (RNP) on sunday meet at 8:30am leave at 9:00am.

    Anyone keen to tag along is welcome.

    It will be a pretty decent ride (at least half a day if not more) so best for riders with a bit of experience.

    Mind you my pace will be within the limits :) seeing its double hitter if you get caught this weekend, no thanks.

    So post a reply here to let me know if you want to tag along.

    p.s I only know half the route (roughly) so anyone who knows the macquarie pass to nowra is welcome to lead that section.
  2. So this is the rough route:

    Head through the RNP to Stanwell Park, then back to the highway follow past the gong, turnoff to macquaries pass, follow to the pie shop, stop for break, then onto kangaroo valley follow all the way to nowra. Come back to sydney via highway. Finish
  3. Hello there Stranger :grin: . Its good to see your face around here, even if it is only a fleeting visit.
  4. Well, yes and no, Josh, he's just been visiting us for lunch and I didn't know that he'd logged on and promoted another forum on this forum: I'm not impressed and I will be saying so :evil:
    I don't log onto Illawarra Riders (of which I am a casual member) and promote Netrider events.......
  5. Well you have a god point their my friend. I did take that into consideration but i didn't want to flame him on his first post here in quite some time.

    However, considering the nature of his first post i wouldn't be surprised if some people are not pleased with his actions. After you give him an ear bashing about it do be sure to say hi for me.
  6. So rc36Honda have you learnt your lesson!!! dont promote other forums here. lol

    OK so back to my post is anyone up for this ride?

    Hornet600 what turnoff is it again to macquaries pass? I remember, right turn on big roundabout off the highway.

    So when I get to the pie shop just keep going and follow the signs to nowara right?
  7. Indeed. There is a very well hidden turn-off to the left about a kilometre or maybe a bit more out of Robbo.
    According to whereis.com.au it's called Pearson's Road, and then at the edge of the Fitzroy Falls Reservoir you turn LEFT again onto Cambewarra Road.
    This road leads down onto the floor of Kangaroo Valley, and then back up over Cambewarra Mountain and down the switchback into Nowra.
    If I can persuade Mrs Hornet that my presence is not required for a while I'll see if I can join in, I know these roads pretty well.....

    RC36Honda is my brother, so I DO have some latitude in abusing for doing things that annoy me :grin:
  8. im a maybe D. dont wait if im not their at depature time, im almost always early for things, as i dont have a watch :)
  9. been through stanwell park rnp , It is abit hard for L's rides.
    would say this is for more people who have riden before as i had trouble
  10. I'm in for this ride, just picked up a new bike Thursday night so keen to put some more ks on it.
  11. OK
    Matti, RNP is a good ride for learners as long as you're not in a group of Rossi wannabes; you will learn a lot from it, trust me.

    Jay, new bike??? Have you updated from 1978 to 1979??? Do tell, please!
  12. I'm in.
    Weather for the Illawarra from the BOM(take with a mountain of salt)
    Fine, mostly sunny. Cool to mild. Fresh to strong south to southwest winds, easing and tending northerly.

    So based on the weather forecast for yesterday's ride, it will be wet tomorrow. :?
  13. have a hotdog there . bacon cheese nice nice
  14. lerners may want to check with damov about coming along on the ride, i think the ride distance is aprox 340 ++ thats a long long way to go at 80kph speed limit

    yesterdays ride was 160km ish from windsor to berowra so just keep that in mind and check with damov..
  15. My plans for tomorrow have now changed, got a boys day out at the football tomorrow arvo. So I'll probably just go for a run through the RNP and macquarie pass and then have to head home.

    Might see you all at Loftus tomorrow before I start my leisurely ride through the park, on the fiery red Italian monster.

    BTW 340km isn't much more than i managed yesterday after heading out from Campbelltown.
  16. HEY Jay, new bike, man, what's the deal????
  17. Felt like time for a change, had looked at the Monsters when I first got my license but was lucky enough to find a bargain bike instead to learn on. After having seen Jack Rabbit's dark monster at HBB the other week the urge to go out and get one become to strong.

    Picked it up on Thursday afternoon after praying all day that the rain would stop which it did just before all the paper work was signed and I was out on the road.

    I will have make sure to find a nice spot tomorrow to take some photos to post up.
  18. Cool indeed, look forward to seeing the beast
  19. Ok I got my maps from where is, so I should be right to get there now, it looks pretty straight forward :)

    See who ever is at loftus @ 8:30.

    Learners be advised this is approx 380 km +++ round trip this is really for intermediate to advanced riders only.
  20. YIKES!!!!!! I just looked at your two web-sites, Damien!! What a talent! Fantastic work, mate :grin: