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[SYD] Jaycar Bike Alarm Bulk Buy free delivery to Homebush

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Toecutter, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Following on from koma's thread for the Vic's, I've checked out the alarm and they look OK and come with 12 month warranty

    See Jaycar Motorcycle Alarm.

    Need to get at least four people to buy them and we can get them for $56 each. I have a Jaycar two mintes from my work and will deliver them to next night at Homebush being Wednesday 21st June - can also hang onto them till next catch up as well if need be.

    EDIT: Looks like we are going with Marvin the Martian's deal (see below) - and Gypsy to collect

    1 - Toecutter
    2 - Gypsy
    3 - Dante
    4 - Kanduli
    5 - Marvin
    6 - Maybe Spud Gun - awaiting reply to PM

  2. .....confirmed.....
  3. Thanks for the update
  4. ....anyone else....?

    Toecutter, if nobody else wants one I'm quite happy to get one with you. Even with just the 2 of us it's not too bad. If we got it from the Southern boys, by the time we get it shipped up here it will cost about the same, and at least we'll be able to get any warranty claims done from up here. Let me know what you want to do...

  5. The same unit from Electus: STOCK-CODE: LA9020
    Qty 1+ $44.75
    Qty 3+ $41.30
    Qty 5+ $37.80
    This is wholesale pricing
    if we can get it for the cheap price I'll be in. I may know someone that will be willing to let me use his account for purchases with Electus, there is also about $15 delivery fee charged by Electus.
  6. Is that $15 delivery per unit, or for the whole lot? Do you know where they are located? Maybe we can pick 'em up instead. Sounds good to me, get back to us shortly.....

  7. the delivery charge is for the whole consignment. As for being able to get them at this price, I will not know till next week as my contact is away on Holidays. :twisted:

    They do have a trade counter in Silverwater where delivery is free of charge, just need to phone the order thru prior to collection.
  8. Thanks Marv

    Look forward to you updating us

    I've PM'd Spud Gun about this so that should be four of us.

    Silverwater a bit far away for me, but I'm probably going out to Penrith just before next Homebush meet so could detour via there - should fit at least six alarms in my panniers.
  9. I like the way you snuck "panniers" in there mate.
  10. Is this alarm easy to install? I am interested if installation is easy.
  11. for 40 bucks, self install + help from this forum, ahh why the hell not.

    put me down for 1
  12. I can pick up from silverwater. Pretty much on my way to work. Let us know if we can get it at trade prices and we'll get it happening....

  13. Hi Kanduli

    Instal of the sensor module is pretty easy, onto battery terminals, and cable tie in alarm and senor. Bump the bike and alarm goes off

    In regards to the immobiliser - some knowledge of wiring is required. If someone is going to steal your bike with an alarm going off they aren't going to be fussed about an immobilser.

    Please confirm if you are interested.
  14. Yes 1 for me. Thanks.
  15. Hey I'm excited is that OK :p Never had panniers before and be good to use both of them - but looks like Gypsy doing the pick up :cool:
  16. I am away for next two days watching State of Origin, so still love youse all, but wont check in again till late Thursday.

    Hopefully Marvin can update us by then.
  17. ....ready to pickup whenever Greg gives me the green light....will confirm numbers etc as soon as Greg (Marvin) let's us know the low price is a goer....

    Cheers All.....and GO THE BLUES......
  18. I'm in if it is not too late....

    Were do I deposit the dosh girls! I can do petrol sniffing and drinking as acts of entertainment and hence payment if you like...

    Regards, Nick
  19. Ok the price will be $37.80 + GST = 41.58

    An order for 8 is ready to go for pickup from Silverwater, total cost is 302.40 +gst = 332.64

    Now, I can pay for this for now, but will need the money sooooon.

    So my suggestion is for delivery to individuals next Wed at the HBB or we can arrange another date/time.

    those that I know that have put up there hand for 1:
    1 - Toecutter
    2 - Gypsy
    3 - Dante
    4 - Kanduli
    5 - Marvin
    6 - General
    7 - Spud Gun - need confirmation
    8 - Pt
  20. Greg (Marvin),
    That sounds great. Put me down for one, and I know Alex (Toecutter) wants one. Anyone else that wants one should confirm ASAP. PM me your bank details and I'll DD payment. Otherwise, I'll drop off the money to you tomorrow evening. Let me know and we'll work it out. Too easy.....

    Cheers All....