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[SYD] I am going to build an Ark

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spud Gun, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. And I will load all my favourite bikes onto it in 2's. I live in Berowra and wanted to head out for a spin for a couple of hours over the weekend, but the sheer force of the rain put me off. That and the fact I dont have decent waterproof pants. Its been raining pretty solidly since Thursday out my neck of the woods. How has everyone else fared? I hope no one put cling film over the catchment area again to prevent a drop getting in. No matter how much it rains, no rain seems to fall there. Did anyone get caught in the deluge?

    EDIT: Mods, apolgies if this is in the wrong section, but its not a specific road hazard and there is no weather conditions discussion.
  2. Spud gun,

    Sound like a plan, I'm just up the road a bit from you in gosford and I've been using the tinny to go and put the garbage out :)

    Thought about going out once or twice yesterday, as it looked like it was clearing, but by the time I had the jacket on it was p1ssing down again!

  3. I gave it a go yesterday, just to my sister's place and back (about 10 mins each way). Was alright on the outbound trip, got a little wet coming back.

    Why does spring always do this to us??
  4. Rode to work this morning. It was unpleasent to say the least.

    It got pretty bad not far from work. Pretty much had to just get in my lane and pray all the cars did the right thing.

    Sydney siders definatly get ansy if it rains for 3 days in a row.
  5. At the least the roads will be clean after it clears up.

    First day of heavy rain is definitely the most dangerous. Retards just don't think about adjusting their driving.
    Rear-enders all over the shop.

    If I rode in the rain, I would split EVERYWHERE, even if it was just to be next to the car directly in front.
    --[but I don't commute, I choose my weather :)]--
  6. It does suck, although there are some out there who enjoy riding in the rain (and these people should be committed) it really suck all the joys out of riding. That is hanging off your bike while going through the twisties. Stopping somewhere for a burger out side so you can watch you bike and the others that go past. So here's to hopeing it clears up by this weekend at least.
  7. I managed to have a nice ride over weekend. Actually my first ride not to count that pre-learners course :) Was raining a little but I just could not wait for a fair weather - got my bike a week ago (thanks again, Pete for your help!) but was too busy on work so got my gear only this Saturday. It was such a pain knowing that bike is standing and waiting but not being able to give it a try ( no helmet !). Come back home a bit wet but quite happy.
  8. That's the way mate. Congrats on your first ride. You're definitely brave going out in the weather we've been having...
  9. I love riding in the rain, but there is a type of rain that turns an enjoyable rain ride to a ride for survival. So much so that when it turns back to normal rain, you think its stopped. There are normally lots of bikes out my way at the weekend (because Berowra is at the start of the old Pacific highway), and there was only a couple out and about this weekend. Just far too much surface water.

    Rossc0, I thought about nabbing a quick hoon when the clouds broke, but then it stated pouring when the sun was shining which was just cruel. Good on you Art. Talk about into the deep end on your first ride, literally!
  10. I don't see the problem with rideing in the rain, as long as you can keep your chest/date/nuts warm and dry.

    I personaly can't stand the cold, keep the cold out and the rain is a fine place to ride. I guess I always liked traction problems.

    Best burnout- about 600-700 metres in the rain : )
  11. Yeah I guess rain is fine, but I just really prefer the dry, because on each corner, through a ride, I just keep trying to get lower and lower around the corners. But in the rain this is not quite possible, unless you low side the bike, then I guess your getting pretty low around those corners. :)

    Hey art well done, go hard.
  12. But I want to get back to this ark idea... I'm keen :grin: but just say you didn't quite build it big enough and you had to leave one pair of bikes behind what would it be?
  13. Well, Noah forgot the dinosaurs, so I guess we'd have to leave the HD's behind...

    (Prepares flamesuit for the pissed off HD owners...)
  14. :grin:
  15. Well, Noah did it wrong. He brought on 2 of every animal. Seriously, did he try to save ducks from drowning? If I had to leave a bike, I'd probably leave the Across as I reckon they float. I'd also leave HD's as they would be well used to having their engines flooded. :p
  16. Well the Hayabusa, Blackbird and Goldwing can all fly on their own.

    'Shadows' will reappear when there's enough light on an object.

    'Warriors' can fight for themselves.

    'Bandits' will steal some other bike's place on the ark.

    We all know the dinosaurs didn't make it, so the 'Raptors' will be left behind.

    Rain should heat up and evaporate before it can affect either the Firestorms or Fireblades.

    You'll want to let the Ninjas on board, because they'll either get on anyway or grappling hook to the outside hull... also you'll need them if you run into any pirates.
  17. Now wouldn't it be cool if there was a bike model named the Pirate... Like a CB-Aaaaaargh! or some such...
  18. Thats class Pete! You could also have the VFarrrrgh! (Pieces of) Eight Hundred. Throw in an iridium eye patch and you'd be set up. From there you could go on the 'Me HARTies' training course.
  19. i'm down at wollongong and the weather here is rotten too.
    not brave enough to venture out for a ride in the wet yet.
    wish it would clear up grrr :(
  20. Oh and Ktulu, you forgot the Hornets. You may as well leave them behind because their stings hurt.