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[SYD] How Hot Is It!?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pete the freak, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. For anyone interested, I just looked at the thermometer in my warehouse and it was 37 degrees. Then I took it outside while I had my ciggie and it got up to 44 degrees....

    That's F*@ken Hot!!!

  2. Yeah its roasty out there! came back from parramatta, luckily I have a supervent 2, so i was quite cool, lots of wind out, kept pushing me around all over the road. :shock:
  3. We've got a far more sensible 24 down here. :D

    Plenty of rain and a damn great thunderstorm overnight though.
  4. i reckon! decided to do the lawn at 930 this morning. baaaad idea. my thermometer says 32 inside. but im in the east. wooo yeessss going down the beach soon :D
  5. Yeah, I think EVERYONE in Sydney is praying for the thunderstorm we're supposedly due for...
  6. Yeah Pete I hope Its a southerly we get with COOL winds,Its a scorcher up here today
  7. i was at a mechanic today he was telling me it was up over 40 in the garage and this is in the east it never gets to 40 down my neck of the woods
  8. was just at the beach. nice and cool now :p looks like we wont be getting the thunderstorm, its blue skies and clear above my place and at the beach and i cant see dark clouds anywhere! :)
  9. 30 degrees today according to the news, and still 39 at 6.30pm :(...Thankfully I spent the whole day in an air conditioned office.

    Frankly I think this is unacceptable, Sydney should be closed when it gets this hot so we can all go to the beach, WITH pay and the govt picking up the tab :p
  10. I spent the afternoon marchin round doin parade rehearsals :evil:

    Way too hot for that shit unless they wanna issue me some cam shorts and t-shirt :D

    Woulda been nice to spend it on the beach with a cricket bat and an esky of beers :)
  11. har har :p in cams or polys? that would suck. i started mowing the lawn then said stuff it and went to the beach :LOL:
  12. Just in cams, in preperation for polys on friday. Same shit tomorrow as well so hope its not so hot...

    Wish i could head down the beach! Only a week till i got some time off then i will be :D :D