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[Syd] Homebush Bay Brewery Meet, Tues 4th April.

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Jaqhama, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. The next Homebush Bay Brewery Meet is listed below.

    Coffee night (Brewery night / 'The Gathering'), Tue 4th April, Homebush Bay Brewery 7pm.

    All motorcyclists and scooter riders welcome.

    Special guests: Mick Matheson and Boris from Australian Motorcycle News.
    Also hopefully Ms. Jaqui "Jax" Gray.

    The Brewery is at the side/rear of the Homebush Novotel Hotel in the Homebush Bay Olympic Site.

    Food on site from Blackboard menu in the bar.

    If you are not familar with the area just ride around looking for the tallest building, I did. :LOL:

    Below is an aerial view of the site with marked locations.
  2. Sounds good ,lock it in eddy. :LOL:
  3. good stuff jaq, new thread :), looking forward to meeting the guests.

    i should also mention that the brewery is very acessable by public transport being in the geographical centre of greater sydney so if your not keen on riding out on your L's or its raining no shame in coming by train or cage.

    meals are around $14 ish.
  4. greater sydney.

    Thats the WEST for the people that didn't know.

  5. Count me in.. but I will be 30 minutes late

    Jaq, are Lin & Terri going as well?

    And Infinity, are you?
  6. Chrisse: yes the Girls will be there.

    Terri will prob be on the Ducati, Lin on her Streetfighter ZZR 250.

    I guess I'll have to meander along on the Bismarck, which is what the guys at work call me old BMW.
    Although me mate Daniel did say it would not look out of place in a Road Warrior movie. :LOL:

    I have yet to decide if that's a compliment or not...I suspect not. :LOL:
  7. It's dad's birthday that night, so i think we're taking him out to dinner. Will try and pop by after dinner if you guys are still around. Say 9pm?
  8. ill be there , i got my "test" this weekend at wheels skills
  9. I might ride to work that day so i'll come in after work.

    It would be good to meet other riders.
  10. Hey all,

    I should be there too - was good fun last time. And it would be good to compare notes with Boris about the cornering school at Eastern Creek a few weeks back :)

    Infinity - come on two wheels this time girl! :) The Camry is kinda cool... but not... hehehe

    Oh, and I changed my username cuz it was so hard for evry1 to understand last time... :p 3 cheers for the admins - hurrah!
  11. hey el b :grin:

    was reading your post and going, i dont remember any body called el b,

    but then i read about the name change :) no problem bro. :)

    good luck with your test ksystemz

    if anybody comes early i am going to be mooching about from about 4.30-5ish cant quite remember who said they were going to arive early last time but anyway i'll be around
  12. Where do we park? Out front...? Footpath...?

  13. Last time it was right out the front ,where we sit.
    For some reason ,we couldn't a month ago as ,the road was chained off ,maybe if there is a event on in the show grounds.

    Will be interesting when the easter show is on{read packed and no parking????} ,maybe go to the city somewhere for that coffee night ,or will easter be over before the next one ,and see if we can get the numbers for ever second tuesday?????.
    Its along time between coffees or cokes or beers ,LOL.
  14. sometimes i think the road (dawn fraser av) is chained off right outside the HBB. for the first time last month it wasnt , Parking right out in front.

    otherwise parking in dawn fraser av North East corner.
  15. How about a photoshoot on olympic Boulevarde under the lighting towers with the blue glow. I'l bring a tripod to get some long exposure pics at night. :cool: . . . bikes parked in a semi-circle arrangement with owners standing aside.

    Geez, someone is getting imaginative ! :grin:
  16. parking out the front of the brewery should be OK this time just been told they only close it off when there is some sort of event.

    i also ask about Hot beverages. now they MAY give us a hot water ern from another department and its a possibility that we can bring our own and have it stored. Sooooo, what sort of brand Tea / Coffee / Chocolate do you like. you would have to bring your own mug possibly. (be cool and buy a netrider mug :) ) this is all in the air at the moment, so cant confirm any of this will happen. stay tuned.

    group photo sounds like a good idea :) as long as its not my crappy camera :)
  17. When you go to a brewery - you DO NOT ask for coffee or tea :eek: !

    Go to Leichhardt for coffee?? Who drinks coffee from an ern these days - doesn't everyone have an expresso machine?
  18. woo-hoo, I pick up the Hornet tomorrow morning, registered, insured and fixed. HBB here we come!
  19. This sounds like it's gearing up to be a big one. By the sounds of it, a nice mixture of new riders and experienced ones. A good opportunity to meet and greet for all....
  20. Coffee night??

    As I will probably not make it this time it does not concern me that you decide to have a coffee night at a brewery (although beer is preferable to the grinded brown bean IMO). For purposes of at least giving the Sydney contingent some form of culture to rival our larger division down south - I drove through Leichhardt on the way home.

    There is a wood fired italian pizza joint on Norton street called GIOLA -located between Marlborough and Marlon Streets. It is equipped with its own carpark off the road (aswell as on road) directly out front where seating is provided. ILLY coffee too! None of this ern crap!

    Nevertheless, what sort of perception will you choose to portray to our Southern friends -
    confused? Likely

    PS: great news Hornet, now keep it on the road