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(syd) Help with Jet kit

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by sunite, May 27, 2010.

  1. hello was wondering if anyone had some time on there hands to help me reassemble a carb and to install a jetkit, the carb has been fully cleaned and that, its just installing the jet kit, and tuning it is the problem. the bike in question is a first gen fz1 as,

    a free lunch and a few beers are in it too.

    sometime next week, 9-5 during weekdays , the bike is located in st marys. , just give me a PM or leave a msg here plz :)

    thanks in advance :]
  2. Hi mate, we may be able to help you out here, what kind of problem are you having?

    Usually if it's a specific jet kit for your bike it will come with recommended settings as a start point & a user guide...
  3. yea well we set the bike up and followed the instructions right down to every point and still no luck. the problems we are having is that

    1. it does not run that well, runs 'rough', so we adjust a few screws to try to run it better

    2. one of the replacement jets does not seem to work that well, it runs 'ok' from idle to 3000rpm, from there it just dies, some runs we were able to get her to 6-8000rpm where she ran fine, maybe something wrong with the jet install?

    3.with all the little parts (sleves that go with the jets, washers with needles) the instruction does not specifiy if its needed or not, we triied it with and without them, would be great if the instruction told us what was exactly needed in the manuel,

    4. the kit says it is for the australian model so no problem there.

    yea like just need a hand, any specifics is too specific when looking at the parts fiske you got no idea what u need and do not need.

    will email manufacturer for further instructions, ill keep up the progress
  4. Carbies are an art mate. Are you artistic?

    Best get get a mechanic involved :(
  5. well thats the thing, the mechanics charge you an arm and a leg, was hoping there were some people within this community that has a idea how to do carbs, but anyways doesnt matter, thanks for the help anyways
  6. Only adjust one thing at a time, that's my best tip! I know it's a pain, but it's the only way. Half turn increments on the pilot screw, one jet size at a time etc.

    Ok, so your idle jet & pilot screw are probably right (~idle to 3K), & your main jet too (6K+), what you need to concentrate on now is your needle height: if you replaced it, it probably has a clip with 5 slots, try the middle one first, then one either side, see if it's better or worse.

    Also, make sure your float height is right, this can have a big effect on some bikes.

    Which kit did you get? If it's not a factroy pro kit, have you seen this?

    Very helpful.
  7. yea its a factory pro kit, i got the needle at 3rd increment and yea it is the 2ndary jet that was replaced, both the main and idle jets were left, and new needles were in the kit. yea well ill try adjusting the screws first and let u know how i go, the float level is in spec as well.

    the guide is not helpful if i cannot get it to run, i got it ripped up atm, ill refer to the guide once i get her running again, thats why its good to have help :)
  8. hope you get it working mate.