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[SYD] Help - Plz recommend a good w/shop for CBR600RR

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by trinny, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Hi, I bought a new CBR600RR a few weeks ago and im not far off needing to get my 1K service done. I was hoping to get some recommendations on who to take it to around the Parramatta/Lidcombe area.

    My NR searches i see where not to take it which includes where i bought the bike...and the nearest place that is recommended is MTT Granville.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on workshops that service Honda not too far away from me or would recommend me to go to MTT?

    I would do most of the minor servicing stuff myself if the bike wasn't new but since i need to get it done by a licensed mechanic as with everyone else i want to take somewhere where they will take care of it properly for a reasonable charge...
  2. No idea how close you are to Tex, but his workshop is located (last time I checked);
    T.J. Automotive And Motorcycle Performance
    Unit 14 - 43 Sterling Road, Minchinbury, NSW 2770
  3. Thanks Phizog, thats probably a little far but if the quality of service and price is good i'd be willing to trek a little further away for the piece of mind and the potential of saving a buck or two
  4. Ya Tex is a good bloke, worth the extra distance :) Good luck
  5. +1 phiz Good mechanics and great people
  6. Hawkesbury Honda at Windsor. Eric is the workshop manager, been a Honda tech for a 100 years, top bloke. Book in and wait with it.

  7. LLoyd Penn in Artarmon if your lucky enough to live on the north shore :D
  8. BikeBiz Paramatta ask for Rod
  9. Great, thanks guys
  10. I used to go to LLyod Penn 2-3years ago.. does anyone know if they do blue slips?
  11. call and ask
    you can get blueys done at any car place that does them