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[Syd] - Help make a motorcycle safety commercial

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kaer, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. From the MCC. All I know what is below. And also that there ain't any of you that I actually want to see naked.

  2. Um isn't that dangermorose to be riding without adequete safety gear?
    I mean I know the "laws" only require a helmet and enclosed footwear but butt nekkid???
    Hmm... even if my bike is on the road I'm not too sure I'm willing to sacrifice my dignity for 15 seconds (more than likely less) of fame...
    However if there's others interested I may be persuaded depending on the eye candy haha
  3. I don't want to see humour in a motorcycle awareness campaign.
    I don't want to see nude people.

    I want to see stunt men on motorcycles being run down by incompetent and unthinking morons who drive cars!
    I want to see injured and dead bodies.
    I want the car drivers to be made aware that THEY are mostly responsible for causing motorcycle accidents...especially at intersections, roundabouts and traffic lights!

    I want to see a 25 year old woman driving a car and talking animatedly on her mobile phone. Then she justs changes lanes right onto the bike coming up beside her. The camera freezes as she sits there in shock with the bike and rider half under her wheels.
    Then the camera plays back to the beginning. The woman hears her mobile ringing and ignores it.
    She puts her indicator on to change lanes, looks in her morrors, turns her head to check beside her drivers window. See's the motorcycle, lets it go past, then changes into the empty lane.

    I want to see SERIOUS, not bloody humorous.

    There is nothing funny about being run off the road by a moronic cage driver.!

    And here we have motorcycle organisations telling riders to wear ATGATT (All the gear all the time) and yet here they are proposing to run advertisments with semi nude or nude riders/people in them...GIVE ME A BREAK FFS!

    Motorcycle safety is too important to be treated lightly or with humour.
    It's life and death on the roads of this country for mototcyclists every day!

    KAER mate: Could you copy and post this or forward it to the website you copied it from please mate?
    Or give me the website addy.
    Cheers: Jaq.
  4. +1 Jaqhama +1 mate
    If I wasn't trying to make light of the situation I would of said something similar, but I'm known for not thinking before doing things :LOL:
  5. Id rather see the incompetent morons who drive cars been run down by stuntmen :twisted:

    I expect the nudity will be to do with not wearing gear, eg super squid.
    If its chicks it might get watched by someone, but nude guys isnt a strong selling point :?

    I agree that "crash" advertising aimed at drivers is best, though it has the negative effect of convincing people how dangerous riding is and should be banned :?
    The SMIDSY campaign done by whatever country was excelent.
  6. You honestly believe that another shock campaign will do anything on TV? I'm so sick of the 'guy getting run down by car', 'girl hitting windscreen' commercials i've tuned out. I'm happy to take the hint that increased speed increases stopping distances, but the scenes you suggested would do nothing for me.

    What i think the OP is suggesting/requesting is a bit of a leap from what you've retaliated against. Perhaps the campaign is intended to cut down on the number of 'squid' riders and scooter riders in the community? Perhaps the campaign is intended to promote proactivity amongst riders and to remind them of the benefits of wearing safety gear - which would make sense with the approching summer.

    PS. SMIDSY was a UK thing. SMIDSY Website
  7. Ah so you're saying that riders should have to ATGATT because WHEN they do get hit by a moron in a car they are likely to be less hurt than if they were in shorts and a t-shirt?

    Oh that's a great way to look at it. :roll:

    If I have mis-interpreted your post forgive me.
    It's just the way I read it.
  8. I own a naked bike, will that do ?
  9. Sorry but ads like that don't work, look at Aids ad's the current TAC ad's ,anti smoking ad's people just turn off and forget them .

    Yet show people an ad like Perfect Day and everyone remembers it.

    After watching one Hollywood blockbuster with riders being blown apart, cars exploding people just don't see the Tough message anymore.

    Sure you need to get the message across, but you need them to remember it
    if you hit people over the head with a blunt instrument, afte so many times it just becomes a non event .
  10. I personally don't see a TV commercial with naked riders getting far with the guys that review the advertisments before they actually get air but good luck to them.

    Maybe they should actually not concentrate on the riders who ride squid, but the idiodic drivers who don't look for them. Classic example in Adelaide of a chick on a cell phone who was driving her 4WD along Tapleys Hill Road (Adelaide people know it) and she was writing an SMS on her mobile when she didn't break rear ended and in consequence killed the rider. It is rider's like that and their families that I have true sympathy for not the driver who cops 5-10 for manslaughter.

    I think that a protest would have more effect in this case than a stupid advert on the box. Mainly because when people see adverts on TV they get up and go make coffee, goto the toilet or have a smoke, then come back to the box and watch the rest of their show.

    My little ramble ends here.

    P.S. I am with Jaq, mainly because I believe that riding in shorts and shirts should be made illegal. They go on about seatbelts save lives. So does proper riding gear, why not enforce it?
  11. The problem is that some cage drivers actually HATE bikes and have no problem when they get hurt. No amount of education will help against these sort of people.
    Its all OUR fault for riding bikes because they are dangerous.

    A lot of that attitude still out there.
  12. Personally I just wanna see some of Australias sexy sexy female riders in the buff... so sue me :p
  13. Get yer sidestand out!
  14. :rofl::rofl::rofl::cool:
  15. Sketchie wrote:

    P.S. I am with Jaq, mainly because I believe that riding in shorts and shirts should be made illegal. They go on about seatbelts save lives. So does proper riding gear, why not enforce it?

    Why not make everyone in any motor vehicle wear an approved safety helmet? Many car deaths could be avoided if the driver and passengers were wearing helmets? If they wearing leather and kevlar many injuries caused by sharp metal fragments and massive slash wounds could also be avoided.
    I am nodding wisely here...everyone on the roads in or on any kind of vehicle should have a full kevlar suit and a full face helmet.
    I mean thats safe right? Who cares if they cannot make up their own minds hey? It's for their own good after all.

    I ride in t-shirts and jeans all summer long, I was riding in a t-shirt while I was test riding a new bike for a couple of hours around Sydney today.

    People who say enforce these laws are just Draconian.
    CWERC's as the term was coined recently.

    But that is beside the point...some people here are jumping to conclusions already...the advertisment DID NOT SAY the ad's were about riders under-dressed on bikes.

    It merely said that some of the acting would require being semi-nude or nude.

    NOTHING about under-dressed in regards to safety!!!
  16. Look I'm just worried something is going to get caught in my chain... Oh, of course I'm talking about the hair on my legs. :) What!
  17. From what I understand this is a viral ad being created, that will be passed around via email. I can't see anyone forwarding around a shock email.

    This is being done as usual on the ultra cheap.

    BTW, if you disagree on how the MCC does things, rock on down to the monthly meeting. They are always needing volunteers to help out.

    Again I don't know much about exactly what the ad is, or even what segment of motorcylcing it's targetting.

    From the top of my head, say it was a bunch of nude motorcylists riding around, with reaction shots of people noticing them. Then with a couple of geared up riders and no-one noticing them, followed by the tag line "You notice us when nude, how come not always". Or something along those lines. Much more effective than a shock and horror ad.
  18. From the MCC of NSW delegates email list. Invitation only list. Just go to the MCC website and contact them, they'll get back to you.

    But seriously, if you want to get involved, go to a MCC meeting. First tuesday of the month.
  19. Cheers for the email info Kaer.

    I work at night mate, I'm flat out getting to a once a month Netridering meeting as it is.

    Cheers: Jaq.
  20. I dont know about programming the shoot during the GP weekend? Might restrict the number of potential people able to be cast for the ad.