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[Syd] - Got done today.. What a waste..

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by vim16v, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. [MOD] General Discussion Dumping. You also acquired 3 NR demerits for posting in the wrong forum. tip- politics, laws and government.

    Hi Fellow riders.. Another Sydney BS tragedy

    Sydney city riders may know there is a semi-decent bike park crn Druit & Sussex st.. (infront of PwC building) well this morning their were 5 buses waiting on the bus lane up Druitt, well i did the incorrect thing and 'shared' a lane with the buses.. between bus 2/4 was a cop bike rider, as i slowly passed, seen him and then the gut knew what was next.. yep.. I got done around the corner, $238, 3 points later.. What a waste of points..
    no friend, just the 'do what i was'... waiting..
    Moral of the story.. make no shortcuts to a deadline...
  2. But you are allowed to use the bus lane. Or was it one of those "Bus Only" ones?

    Unless by "shared" you mean that you were by his side in the lane? What was the offence on the infringement notice?

    What a bugger hey...