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[SYD]Got booked yesterday morning!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AlexEm, May 26, 2011.

  1. I work at Miller st, North Sydney near Pacific HW. If you are familar with the area there is a small narrowish one way street (Denison st) behind my work place. Basically the street is a shared zone (10kmh limit) and normally people driving there is going to park in the multiple car parks there or using the loading zones. Plus there is a nice parking area for motorcycles.
    When you enter from Walker st there is a stop sign before I turn right and enter the car park. Yesterday morning as usual I slowed down just short of putting my feet down then turn right to be greeted with five cops hiding behind a truck in the loading zone booking people for failing to stop at stop sign. They were pretty busy as no body actually completely stops there at the sign. Although there were five of them working really hard to make our roads safe by booking people for $258 and 3 points still a few people got away as there was no place left for them to stop more cars. Now waiting for mine in the mail:cry:

    Nothing to complain about as they just enforced the law but this will be the first ticket after almost 15 years so yeah I am pretty upset for making such stupid mistake.

    Rant over/
  2. if its your 1st ticket in 15 years then u wont have to pay it, 10 year plus good driving record gets yo off a low speed charge and other minor tickets
  3. That's right but I think you have to have your NSW license for 10 years to be eligible, mine has been a NSW one for 5-6 years so I'm not sure if I can get away from this.
  4. up to 6 weeks
  5. write a letter citing your good driving history etc....they should let this one go through
  6. I mentioned my clean record to the officer and asked politely for a warning instead of a ticket. He said "don't worry, we'll look after you" however I don't expect them to be that nice to me.
  7. I understand the need for stop signs in some situations, but 99 out of 100 of them should be giveway signs. Most of the time coming to a complete stop feels like your following some archaic cultural tradition that serves no purpose.

    Just near my home there's a T junction with one stop sign on the stem of the T and one on the left of the T. Complete backstreets with maybe 1 car a minute. It makes no sence!! If someones stopped at the T, your slowing down from the left and have to come to a stop, who has right of way???
  8. some of them are actually nice, only a few have the power trip disease......the failure ones. I doubt youd get anything, good luck anyway.
  9. It's kind of similar situation. Being a 10 km/h zone, everyone is already moving very slow and coming to the sign you have a clear view. Also being a one way street, I don't understand the reason for that stop sign there.
  10. The cop was nice and polite no complain there, however they were there for the purpose of booking people who failed to stop at the sign.
    They targeted that spot because they knew it's unlikely for people stop at the sign there. He mentioned something like 20-25 people being booked already and in 2-3 minutes I was there they stopped 5-6 cars.

    So as much as I love it turns out to be just a warning I won't hold my breath for that.
  11. Did they let you off for the speeding, most people do a lot more than 10 on that street.
  12. Coming up to the turn in the wet condition on a street covered with tree leaves, I'm pretty sure I wasn't doing more than 15-20 and he didn't mention the speed at all.
  13. These scare campaigns work, they might not have booked anyone but just told them off and scared them into obeying the rules. This also gives the cops a good guy image when that dreaded ticket doesnt materialize. Your clean record should give you that extra protection if it does turn to shits.
  14. "we'll look after you"
    and not an on the spot fine??
    Good luck,
    Its been a while since I've been booked in NSW, do they still give out tickets at the time of the incident?
    If so, Why would they not give you the paperwork then?
  15. Two of them were busy writing down tickets for cars so maybe they just didn't want a long queue of cars in a narrow street. I'm %99 sure that I'll get on in the mail but maybe not :-s

    Lots of bikes park there so if you are one of them pay attention when you get to that stop sign.