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[SYD] Good service workshop near Chatswood?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by pertuan, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Hey guys. As the subject says, can anyone recommend me a good service workshop for my Hyosung near/in Chatswood?

  2. http://www.mobilemotorcyclerepairer.com.au/

    he comes to you, same price as a shop, if not more, but at least u can watch what he is doing, im always skeptical leaving my bike at a shop, never know whats done to it
  3. I'd be interested in hearing some opinions on him, if anyone has past experience.
  4. seconded. lloyd's a champ!
  5. I've used him, was very happy. Only problem is the callout fee really.

    I think Mark is his name, very helpful guy and always ready to answer your questions.
  6. ye marks his name, he knows his stuff
  7. lloyd penn gets a good wrap from people I hear......
  8. Lloyd is only working on Japanese bikes now. I wonder if that extends to Koreans?
  9. Cant go past Lloyd Penn in Artarmon. So helpful and is a top bloke!
  10. Heard good things about Northside in Artarmon too, though never used them myself.
  11. I've been to both Llyod Penn's and Mark's repair.

    Had my last service with Mark. Top bloke and very happy with the result. A tad $$$ for me but I call him on a Thursday night and he came Friday morning, what more do u expect? very good communication for those that dunno that $hit (me), very convienient A+++

    Lloyd Penn - always reliable but last time i called I had to pre-book 2 weeks ahead, not as convienient if you dont have planned leave.

    Both are Good!
  12. Is it possible to get $ figures for 'Mark's' call outs?

    Maybe just a round about number compared with what you'd usually get in a service centre?

  13. 90 bux i think even if theres nothing wrong with the bike