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(SYD) Good and bad experiences with dealers

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by gegvasco, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. Had some dealings with 2 dealers lately and they couldn't have been more different. First dealer(Action) was where I bought a new bike from. The mistake I made was signing at one store(Parramatta) for a bike that was at another franchise store(Sydney). This happened because when I enquired at Parramatta if they had the bike I was interested in they said "Yes, we have one left." A little while later I found out that bike that they had was actually at their Sydney franchise. Because the franchise where the bike was was closer to my home I organised to pick the bike up from the other franchise. End result was pissed of people in the Sydney store because I had been in there before talking about the bike and they knew I lived locally yet I signed in Parramatta. The other side of it was that because the bike was in the Sydney store the guys at Parramatta that I shook hands with handed everything over and pretty much washed their hands of it as soon as I had signed. End result was no end of trouble because no one at either store was interested in making sure everything was in place and I was happy. It got to the point that if one more thing had been a problem on the day I was supposed to pick up the bike then they were going to be taking the sold sticker off the bike. Since picking the bike up I have had more problems with store people not being available when I had arranged to meet them and not being able to book the bike in for 1000km service for at least 2 weeks(I did 1000km in 5 days which would have meant stopping riding for 2 weeks).

    Because of all this and the delay in getting the service done, I rang Sydney City Motorcycles at Kogarah. Talk about chalk and cheese. These guys were outstanding. Booked in as soon as I wanted it, hire bike ready to go, outstanding friendly service every time I walked in there and they got the little things exactly right like having the bike washed immaculately(unlike when I picked it up new from Action).

    Can't recommend Sydney City Motorcycles at Kogarah more highly.
  2. Sounds oddly familar just need to substitute in two different names.
  3. Funny you should say that about SCM. A couple of months ago I was in Sydney and dropped into the showroom to have a look. I wasn't seriously thinking about buying but they wouldn't have known that. I walked through the showroom for about 10 minutes and was totally ignored by every member of the sales staff.

    I left without one of them having made any effort to talk to me, they just went about their busy life as if I wasn't even there.