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[syd] golf driving range

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. i was thinking of hitting a few off of bald hill down south for shits and giggles but i know that would be kinda wrong.

    any on here been to the two below or have suggestions?

    a pic for motivation:


  2. The Moore Park range is pretty good, open late and good value. They seem to take $1 off those prices you listed.
  3. I prefer Dural Golf Driving Range - it's got a view of trees and more trees, it's calming and it's usually nice n quiet.

    I think I'm going on Friday night...

    (02) 9651 1999

    $15 - 100 balls
    $12 - 70 balls
    $8 - 45 balls

    $8 for a driver and $5 for an iron (clubs that is).
  4. Homebush aint bad, but i use Sharks at Wetherill Park

    Bucket of Golf Balls: $8 (60 balls)

  5. penrith aqua gold ftw
  6. There's one a barden ridge. Not sure how it stacks up against the others mentioned though
  7. Only been there once. What makes a driving range better or worse than others? Apparently the 9 hole is ok.