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[SYD] Ghost Rider movie.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by loth, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. It's coming out on the 16/02/07 as most of you are aware of. As my girlfriend and general entourage aren't really into those kind of movies, just wondering if people would be interested in going to see it as a NR gathering.

    How about in the city? Would there be trouble getting parking etc? Or maybe paying for it? :p (I know I would have).

    Anyway just wanted to know if there's a general interest and if we could get something going.

  2. Trev !
    Funny you mentioned this . . .
    Some of us are planning to see it, and just deciding whether we make it a NR meet. . . . . we just can't figure out a date and time.

    Feel free to organise it mate !

    If you organise it - they will come !
  3. Hey Michael :)

    I've never been too good at organising stuff... But how does Sunday 18/02/07 sound? The camp quality ride is on Saturday so... And where? Would the city be the best place for most people?
  4. Maybe if someone knows a decent theatre (big screen) thats situated near some good roads we can make a day of it! :cool: I'd def come if I'm not working. Will check roster soon..
  5. In for this pretty much where ever it is held.

    The new screens at Blacktown are said to be quite big, same with Parramatta. Parra I dont think thered be any good roads nearby, but Blacktown wouldn't be too far from the mountains...

    Just putting out suggestions :)
  6. Don't forget to get your entries in on the competition page.

    You may even get to see it for free thanks to Sony :)
  7. i'm up for it!!! Work during the week though :(
  8. Week-days are ruled out since the majority of the people are working. Hmm I love the idea of having a bike ride before / after the movie :) I'll leave you guys to decide on the location, reason being I don't know Sydney well enough to know which would be the 'best'. Blacktown sounds good if its not too far from the mountains!

    Edit : Phizog hurry mate :p I think the competition thingy is ending tonight!
  9. guys i second blacktown.... big parking space at top infront of cinemas and easy to get there too..

    plus plenty of place to eat if ur hungry....
  10. OK blacktown it is. Anyone know the mountains well enough to lead us through a nice route? :D And for those of you who can't be bothered with the beforehand trip (as if?) we'll have a time to meet us so don't you worry :p
  11. Can we get an exact location as to where in Blacktown please? So that I can check the session times and such :]
  12. Blacktown Westpoint. Not sure if its Greater Union or Hoyts though.

    Im defintely not wanting ot lead for fear of suffocating the people behind me with fumes. But I can find out how to get to the mountains and maybe even sus out some decent roads.

    So Im assuming this is on a weekend, so maybe movie late morning/early afternoon and ride after?

    Edit- I think if we head out towards Windsor and towards the mountains the roads should be good, can anyone confirm? (About 20 mins form Blacktown to Windsor)
  13. +1 for blacktown. Big cinamas
    Maybe some runs beyound wisemans ferry/dural. Might go for a ride to scope something out but i doubt i will have the time/clear whether
  14. Assuming your bike is still there after leaving it parked in Blacktown for a couple of hours.
  15. Haha good point I didn't think of that! :LOL:
  16. I leave my car in Blacktown nearly everyday, near the Centrelink too lol. Bike has survived stays there too :)
  17. Yeah but you're from the area. They'll smell my northernbeachesness from 10 blocks away. :cool: :LOL:
  18. Phizog : Shiny bikes and Blacktown don't mix :p
  19. I'll park it in narrabeen and walk the rest of the way :LOL:
  20. wanna pillion me? my bike's shiny :(
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