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[SYD] Fri Night, 19th Aug. Sir Skuffy and Mouth are in town!

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Sir Skuffy, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. I will be in Sydney Friday afternoon and night...... 19th August

    Anyonw want to go for a few drinks and have a spin around town? You have plenty of notice

    Maybe even go for a spin saturday morning

  2. Ah Skuffy, that date is locked and loaded. PM us the exact details of locations, etc!
  3. Excellent, I have one friend..... :LOL:

    I will be leaving Brisbane at 6:00pm on the thursday night, so I figure I will be in Sydney by mid-day the next day - stopping to sleep on the way.

    Meet with a customer or two and then friday evening is free.......

  4. Skuff,

    Are you around Saturday the 20th as well?

    My Rockin band Six Pocket Theory is doing a phat gig at the Metro that night if you want to come along...
  5. sir skuff there will probably be some sort of meet up at the old road for coffee and what nots. when we get closer to the date I'll let you know.
  6. let me know too, patske (and where were you last night, you piker??)
  7. yeah I had to dogg it :( first couple of weeks back at uni have been hectic.
  8. Hey Patske, sounds good.

    As for Saturday night, sounds pretty good also
  9. It's going to be one fun Friday night .. I will be there too :)

    Where you staying Skuff? I'm in a CBD hotel. Get into Syd mid Fri arvo, pop into the office briefly, and then free Fri night. Have to start work at 5:30am Sat though and will be working all day until I fly out late Sat night (non-changeable unfortunately .. urgent package to get back into Melb).

    So Sydney'ites .. where we meeting on Fri night? and where are we eating and drinking? :) And how many of us is there going to be? :) The more the merrier!
  10. JASON!!!! Look forward to meeting YOU too!!! If you need someone to co-ordinate the "event" and no-one else has put his hand up, I'd suggest any one of the fabulous eateries in Darling Harbour, right next to Cockle Bay and buzzing on a Friday Night
    Ring me if you want to discuss in detail!!!!
  11. Excellent... Party time

    OK folks, need someone to organise a ride saturday and a place to party friday night....

    My number is 0418965034
  12. So, would people be interested in meeting and riding around before dinner and drinks.... Maybe go for a GROUP ride to somewhere like maybe Bondi or something???????

  13. OK, here's the plan, peeps!

    We are going to meet in Cronulla at 7:00pm on Friday night, for dinner and the usual. Cronulla's main street is a pedestrian mall, but there's parking one street behind. Plenty of choices for types of food, and lots of atmosphere.

    Pending discussion then, perhaps a ride through the National Park on Saturday with Skuff and the rest who can make it, Jason has to work.

    This is a great opportunity for Sydney riders to meet one of our forum mods, and its most prolific poster, and the legendary Sir Skuffy; if you habitually miss the Tuesday Coffee Night, DON'T miss this one!!!
  14. ummmm cronulla? maybe not. See i'd want to have drink. Im only in North Sydney but yet Cronulla is a two, sometimes three trains from here, plus I wont be able to get home.

    Just curious....why Cronulla?
  15. Could the "Northerners" do a good deed and keep him up there?
    :p :p :p
  16. See, here's the problem neatly encapsulated in this exercise. We had a great get-together one night in Newtown, 11 people turned up, including RC and me who rode 60 miles up and 60 miles back just to be there. But someone said, let's do it again, somewhere a bit to the west, to make it easier for people to get there.
    So we went to Parramatta next time, 5 people turned up, including as above. Parking was a bit dodgy, so we said, let's try a different venue again.
    SO we settled on the Homebush Bay Brewery. Guess what, for the last three months only RC and me and 2 other people have ever been there? The meeting last but one he rode straight through to Homebush from having his bike serviced in CANBERRA, and then rode home with me!!! Everyone wants someone else to make the decision, but then when it's made, everyone sits on the sidelines and complains, or finds excuses not to support the venture!
    So I RANG Mitch this morning and arranged to meet him and Jason at Cronulla; if you want to get drunk, do it on the North Shore and don't come; no arrangement suits everybody, but people could make an effort!
    (Jeez, I'm starting to sound like Glen......) {Sorry Glen, no criticism intended}
  17. See I was ASKING a question. I didnt ask for a multiple paragraph attack directed at me. All I meant I was I live basically in the CBD, and its a pain in the ass for me to get to. I meant this in the context of "well if i live close to everything and its hard for me to public transport it, hows it going to be for everyone else".

    Sorry I said anything. Have a great night.

  18. = 96.56064 kms [-X :LOL:
  19. OK, mate, shorter answer without the spray. It's Cronulla because that's where we organised it. Nothing ever suits everybody, but if you can come, I'm sure you'd enjoy meeting Mitch and Jason, and I'm sure they'd like to meet as many Sydney riders as possible.
  20. picky picky, Dan. Us old guys still think in non-metric, give us a break!!! :D