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[Syd] Free king-single bed for free. Free.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, I'm not rich enough to afford netrider membership and post this in the marketplace forum, but I don't see why my poverty should deprive all the paid members of the chance at a good deal...

    This bed [painted-steel frame, wooden slats], including mattress [protector was always fitted]: free to good home... or bad home... don't care.


    I'm in Baulkham Hills - I will deliver if you aren't too far away.
    PM me.

    I figure my esteemed motorcycling colleagues should have priority, but I'll probably just chuck it on the front lawn tomorrow if no-one wants it.
  2. Free with enough DNA to assemble a whole new Ktulu! :LOL:
  3. I'm more machine than man now.

    ... twisted and evil...
  4. I Don't want that dna.
  5. Boris wishes to make it clear that he has rooted and killed hookers in this bed. Ktulu, I hope you weren't in it at the time. That could have been squishy.
  6. That's simply not true.

    ... they survived.

    WELL looks like the bed is headed for the front-lawn, I spose :p
  7. how much for a "Free king-single bed for free. free."?
  8. free x free x free = nein!
  9. Just deliver it to the court end of Cypress Ct in Baulkham Hills. They'll Love it. :p
  10. I used to play soccer with a guy who lived in that street, I think. It's like 5 mins away.

    Is there something wrong with that street now?
  11. Pffft, you just don't want to affect your prestigious '5 helmet' status :LOL:

    Sadly, I had to look up the difference between affect and effect to ensure appropriate usage...happily, I now be edumacated. Also, I discovered that if I hold down Ctrl and scroll with my mouse, the text displayed gets bigger....really handy for when people use that teeny weeny font size....see? Haha, amazing
  12. Chuck it on the lawn. I chucked a fridge on the side of the road just a day or so ago with a couple of 'WORKING FIDGE - HELP YOURSELF' signs and it was gone within hours. It was sad to say bye, it was my alcohol fridge...
  13. Have to be careful with fridges.. :p Crazy kids will get caught inside
  14. Ha ha! I did think about that! We got robbed by a few of the feral kids in the area so I thought about luring them with a "free alcohol" sign on the fridge - for the purpose of jamming them in and making sure the door stays shut forever...
  15. Nope, just extended family... :grin: