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Syd Food Market whereabout?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by string, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. if anyone familiar with Dandenong market, or Springvale market, where produce, fruits are sold at good prices. where are they in Sydney? Like Fish market of the produce & fruit. Thanks

  2. Paddy's at Haymarket (bottom end of Chinatown) do fruit and veg. Not sure of opening times though.
  3. you didnt say what part of Sydney you preferred so I'll mention Paddy's out at Flemington too, just go down Parramatta Rd keep your eye out for the signage and the wide driveway, on the left as you head to Parramatta.
  4. hey looks like the one i'm after. how about around northern area (chatswood), any recommendation?
  5. Dunno about markets, but I used to do my fruit and veg shopping at the fruit shop in Chatswood Chase, although the one in the Westfield is pretty good too. They are both expensive relative to a real market, but the quality especially in the Chatswood Chase one was outstanding.