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[SYD] Finally something good from Clovers office !!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mickyb V9, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Read here . . . .

    I'm a bit iffy though on the provision for electric charging points for electric-scooters ! :?

    But the encouragement for 2wheeled (or 3 for those Fuoco types ;) ) transport in the worlds best city is a plus-plus for everyone.

  2. My calendar isn't broken, is it?

    Could have sworn it was April 1st today... o_O

    It'll be interesting to see just how much of the draft plan stays intact. Something tells me the "free parking in timed bays" thing will be met with resistance. Let's hear it for cheaper tolls, though!
  3. That's a good start for Sydney and it is a real gain for riders (especially coming off such a low starting base) - however I suspect it won't go far enough since it seems to be a bit of an "ad-hoc" solution to a problem. Melbourne at present has around 600 dedicated motorcycle parks in the CBD (as well as footpath parking). This will possibly be increased to 1200 (while still retaining footpath parking). The Council has estimated that motorcycle share of CBD traffic will double again in the next 2 - 3 years and are including that in their planning. There doesn't appear to be any real forward estimates for Sydney and I suspect the Council will be caught short again without any long term planning and the whole process will have to be done again in a couple of years.

    There's not really any enthusiasm for encouraging commuting by motorcycle in the Sydney plans either. If you exceed the time limit in a parking bay you will still be booked for overstaying.

    from the Melbourne City Council Draft Parking Plan.
    C2.1 Provide more on-street motorcycle parking in areas with high pedestrian volumes.

    113. A clear advantage of motorcycles over cars for the user is the ability to park close to your actual destination. The next step to implement this initiative is to identify locations for dedicated motorcycle parking within the retail core.

    114. The Melbourne Planning Scheme requires motorcycle parking to be provided in all car park developments at a rate of one space for every 100 car spaces. In the CBD, this provides for a motorcycle mode share of 0.2% of all trips. Motorcycle mode share has doubled in the past two years to almost 2%. Therefore the Planning Scheme currently requires spaces for just 10% of the motorcycle parking demand. The City of Melbourne should amend the planning scheme to require motorcycle parking at a rate closer to the current mode share or provide motorcycle parking as a proportion of the overall development floor area.

    115. The next step to implement this initiative is to draft an amendment to the planning scheme.

    There are currently no plans to introduce time restrictions or charging for the Melbourne spaces.
  4. One thing I'd like to see addressed - the law regarding multiple vehicles in a single marked space.

    The report acknowledges that at present it's illegal for more than one vehicle to occupy a space under the Australian Road Rules, and that it's pretty hilarious that a 50cc scooter could fill an entire space on its own... But there's no proposal on how to address it.

    (Aside from indirect 'solutions' such as "We try not to mark parking spaces" and "We'll try to make more off-street parking")