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[SYD] Filtering in a tunnel (tollways etc)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by daedalus, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. i know there are lots of filtering thread but this hasnt been covered

    what do you guys think of filtering in a tunnel (eg cross city tunnel, eastern distributor, lane cove etc)? given that its 24hr surveillance will they send a fine? or because its private they wont care?

    this is filtering when traffic is really slow <20km/hr)
  2. Yeah man, filtering all traffic is ok.
    It's the cars that need to watchout.
  3. lol to 2nd post.

    ive filtered and they dont fine you. famous last words.

    talk to a few of my friends who swear by riding in certain parts of the tolll sections and they dont pick up your plate for the toll......
  4. I filter the harbour tunnel most days. No problem so far.
  5. m5 is a breeze. lanes are quite wide. side by side trucks can be a problem though.
  6. If you wheelied the whole way through the tunnel, they wouldn't be able too see your number plate, thus avoiding fines/tolls.
  7. even if i could do it, too high a chance of passing an unmarked police vehicle. not worth it

    plus would u try to wheelie through a narrow filtering gap where distance between the car and your mirror is a few cm?
  8. Now that would be handy to know... cause I havent been able to avoid them!
  9. Frankly, given that some tunnel systems forbid people to even change lanes due to the risk of an accident below-ground, where emergency services can't get in, no emergency lanes, etc, etc.

    ... I suspect the authorities would frown upon motorcyclists filtering in a tunnel.

    I personally wouldn't filter in a tunnel - I wouldn't want to encounter a roadrage response or a dodgy maneuver which knocks me off the bike at the bottom of Sydney Harbour during rush hour.

    But hey, dat's just me.
  10. I don't like doing it for the reasons that spots listed however at the same time when you see your temp guage going through the roof it becomes a bit of a gamble. The M5 tunnel is terrible at 2am and shocking in peak hour. I almost cooked my gf's 250 in there last month and I've had my 675 so hot that my legs actually got red burn marks that lasted a few days. A guy from work has a ducati 1098 and his bike overheated in there and it dropped dead. He had to push it up the hill on his own to get out of there (and he was up for a new motor).
  11. I love Ducati's - but to use them for commuting in stop start traffic is a definate NO!!
  12. but have anyone had a fine through filtering in the tunnel?

    excluding fines from filtering past cop cars (marked or unmarked) of course as that is always the risk at any road
  13. I left a trail of coolant through the M5 tunnel today on my gf's 250. Couldn't get passed the trucks that sit side by side up the hill doing 20kph. Lets hope I haven't hurt the motor.. It's not a ducati so it'll probably be ok :p
  14. how long were u riding at 20km/hr? its strange how your bike would overheat so easily.
  15. It's great in winter :dance:

    Which 2 am do you go through the tunnel for it to be terrible? :-s
  16. Funny that... I once filtered right behind a cop on his bike!!
    Thats what I call Leading by example :beer:
  17. I was reffering more to the pollution/heat than traffic. The only time i'd go through there at 2am would be on a thursday/friday/saturday night. It's still heavily polluted and stinking hot even then.

    daedalus - i'd say 5 mins to get up that hill at the end, 8 mins in the tunnel all up. The 250 runs pretty hot on a normal day, but once you get in the m5 tunnel the temp just slowly creeps up and up (with the thermo on). Especially if you have to keep stopping and starting. Its fine everywhere else but in that horrible tunnel.
  18. what bike do you have? cause i would get the cooling system checked out (replace coolant, replace air filter etc). cause when i was practicing for my Ps on my kawasaki gpx250 i would go for half hour non stop slow riding and repeated use of the clutch. it got really hot (i can feel it in my legs) but the max temp would only b slightly above half
  19. The bike I was talking about is my girlfriend's cbr250, it's in pretty good service.

  20. and very loud :)