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[SYD] Epping rd works - old metal plates on the road. Legal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Hey dudes,

    Just driving back from Nth Sydney today, and notice on Epping Road at the Longeville Rd intersection that they've put metal plates on the road.

    They were that sort-of rusted brown colour and looked pretty smooth.

    Aren't they supposed to use yellow textured ones?

    The road is almost straight there, I don't think anyone's going to lowside in the next 15 minutes or anything, but isn't it illegal to use those old plates now?

    Anyone know who can I call to get it checked out?
  2. Yes I believe so, but I still see the use of dodgy smooth ones around.

    Maybe try the local council of that area?
  3. i see those all over the place
  4. They've got big nasty looking bolts sticking out of them as well... I rode through there yesterday
  5. me too, i was in the left lane, changing to the right to go up the pac Hwy and I got a BIG shake..
    But have you seen the state of the road from M2 till there? They are making it one lane and there is crap everywhere. Banked up traffic too.. What a joke

    .._joel_..._joel_ [-o<
  6. The MCC's safety chairman spent 4 years fighting the RTA about these things. He finally got them to mandate a particular type of paint on these plates that provides a minimum standard of grip. It isn't as good as no plates at all but it is better than bare metal and is also better than normal painted lines. Bolts are another matter and I have noticed those things sticking up, one at least 2 inches. I hate to think what would happen to you if you slid into one of those after an off.

    If you find anything like this, especially plates that are bare and don't have the brownish/red grip paint on them, or the bolts sitting proud, report them as a road hazard to:
  7. epping road is a mess!!!!

    i didnt notice the big plates and stuffed my car the other day, now i dont care who is behind me i slow down to about 5 kms.

    Since they have started all these road works i have also notied i have been getting a fair few nails in my tyres. before they strarted the works on epping road i had never had a nail in my tyre. now im up to 4.

    all you ever see is the workers standing around, you know they are taking there time to make it 1 lane and keep the traffic to a maximum so more people use the toll now.
    i think we should all stick toghter and not use it, like what happened with the cross city tunnel. and the Govt. will be forced to make it 2 lanes again.
  8. In all my years of riding and driving I have only ever seen the smooth plates being used.
  9. Re: [SYD] Epping rd works - old metal plates on the road. Le

    ...are you a Narc??

    Ktulu's wearing a wire!!
    get him, boys
  10. what was better that when the repositioned the lanes down past the servo, the big fcuk off drain grates were in the middle of the lane not on the edge. where they are is still fcuken dangerous because it is near an intersection where you have to stop from time to time. ill contact the local member about it.
  11. *power to the people*
  12. I knew it was a matter of time before there was a crash and it happened to be me yesterday.

    i still havent bought my bike, so i was on my car.
    some person came up to the big sheet metal onthe ground and slammed there brakes on then the lady infront of me had to then i unded up the back of someone.

    I rang the RTA today and blasted them.

    i will never say that it was my fault. but i am the one who is going to have to pay for it :mad: NOT HAPPY!
  13. Get onto the council and find out who is responsible. I wouldn't take that $hit.
  14. Take some photo's of the location with the plates.

    Are you insured?
    You should let your insurance company know that the plates were the cause, that they are illegal and the road crew / RTA share a measure of responsibility.

    ... if you're not insured though, it would probably cost you a bit of time and hassle.
  15. before i comment, what is the speed limit through the works?, and what kind of signage?
  16. Where were you joel?!!! :LOL:
    It is 60, there are tons of signage but not related to the plates.
    the two side by side plates are uneven, i think some of the bolds at the four corners have no nuts, just the end of the bold (1cm) looking at me!!!
    But wait till someone put some pics here, or give more info, cause what i say is what i saw while riding (and almost falling!)
    i would hate riding over them in this wet weather...
  17. i was researching the company responsible for the works prior to comment :LOL:
    you can get away with pretty much anything in a 60km roadworks zone. thats what the signage is for, to serve as a warning that where you are riding/driving is a construction zone, and that "other than normal" conditions are present.
    i can quite legally, seal a busy highway, with 14mm aggregate (big mofo stone, that'll take your melon off at speed) and not even perform a post-sweep (no removal of excess stone) as long as i leave signage and the speed restriction. it is then the road users' responsibility to look after themselves and others driving through the construction site.
    the person posting above about tail-ending someone, i wish you all the best even attempting to shift blame for that one. i am playing devils advocate here, i know, but those signs are there for a reason, and clearly you werent providing a large enough buffer between yourself and the vehicle in front for the conditions. this is YOUR fault. do i always leave appropriate gaps when i drive, prolly not, but to date i havent tail-ended anyone and sincerely hope not to.
    the protrusions from the plates may or may not be legal. think of wooden bridges in the country, wallaga lake bridge comes to mind, they have very large protruding bolts from the planks, yet they are acceptable. im not entirely familiar with the AS associated with this, so i'd really have to a pic.

    ATEoTD, people dont respect roadwork speedzoning, and then all of a sudden they become a victim of negating it and cry poor. no sympathy from me.

    as for the grip-paint, yep, required for permanent fixtures ;)
  18. Surely there would be a company liability? failure in the duty of care? Where I ride through daily there were some steel plates being used, without a paint coating, on a road surface about 10 to 15 degrees off camber (In Hawthorn, inner city road). If during rain a motorcyclist slipped due to this cover or a car lost control due to this cover, there would be a duty of care issue?
  19. the problem is a lack of singage.

    if your are comming up Longueville road, there is not one sign saying road works yet that is where the large metal plates are.
    this is why i feel it is not my fault.
  20. is this in a construction zone?
    also 15 degrees? that is a gradient that would be difficult for a regular person to walk up...18 degrees is the absolute limit for a steep climbing lane and that is the actual climb, not the camber.