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[Syd] Day ride to Wollombi - Sun 10th April

Discussion in 'NSW' started by orcus, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Before adding to the events calender thought I would see if there was any interest in a day ride to Wollombi.

    Where is it? Approx 120 km north of Hornsby up the old Pacific Hwy and Putty roads. Speed limit 80 km/h or less, so OK for anyone.

    What for? Lunch at the historic Wollombi Pub, home of Dr Jurd's Jungle Juice, and because we can.

    How long? Day trip, meet Hornsby train station 10:30.

    When? Either Sunday 3rd April or Sunday 10th April

    Map? Have one that can be emailed PM me if you want it.
  2. Sounds great! Unfortunately I won't be able to join you. Working on the 3rd and will be deep in a canyon on the 9th & 10th.

    Have a great time everyone! Putty Rd and Old Road!? You guys are gonna love it. *is jealous*
  3. 10th sounds good to me, should be well practised by then :)
  4. hey dude, sounds good. i should be able to make it to either days :)
  5. I'm interested, not sure yet about being able to attend either day though.
    I'll have to confirm.
  6. Count me in, either day.

    Always good to stock up on the old Jungle Juice...
  7. I have my mother arriving next week for 3 weeks, so I will miss this one. Should be on the next one hopefully!
  8. Sounds like there is some interest and Sunday the 10th the day chosen. Will also try and work out how to put it into the events calender.
  9. I'm a noob to these forums but this sounds cool, i'll have to check the dates but if i can i'll come along
  10. I'm in on this one. - anybody coming from the west side?..
  11. Booo! Can't make this one either. :cry: Sounds like a Good'un though. What exactly is Dr jurds jungle juice anyhow? I'm very sheltered
  12. so will it be the 3rd or the 10th? has this been decided?
  13. I'll be in Sydney on the 9th, going home on the 10th. I could join you for the trip and continue north after lunch.
  14. so it's the 10th, cool, should be able to come along on this one :D
  15. Just thought I'd do a post to get this thread back in the active section

    Any one else out there want to come along?

    You guys don't mind if I bring some non-Netrider buds along?...
  16. I'll take the bag.

    Can I grab it off you on the ride?
  17. Hey I'm one of a billion people (hehe) who have just got there licence, and just picked up my cbr250rr yesterday so i am about as sterotypical as it comes!! lol

    Anyway I was thinking about coming on the ride and wanted to know how many people would probably be there and if there were any novices such as myself. I wouldn't mind going but i wouldnt want to be holding people up etc :(

    Other than that tho, this should be the first of many posts and hopefully I'll be able to go cruisen with some of you Sydney boys n girls in the future :D
  18. Hecko - I'm around your area. I'm a noob as well just got my L's like a month ago. We should go together if your still interested in going. I'm a definite inner on this one.