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[SYD] Day long motorcycle parking in Bondi Junction ??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by agronaught, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Trying to suss this one out. I have a job offer in Bondi Junction and sussing out alternatives to City Snail.

    Anybody know of day-long parking ? The motor cycle bays I found were all 1 hour jobs during the day.


  2. Dont know where in the junction you are going but you could just park underground in the shopping centre car park just rider around the boom gates
  3. Eventually the shopping centre/business tower.

    Wouldn't they get a little narky about riding 'around' the gates...
  4. Agro; I assume you've checked out the Spring St parking? Every time I've used these spots the parking meter is not activated or broken! Been there for hours and spoke to a grey ghost and she said she doesn't bother monitoring the bike area as it out of the way of traffic and never really fills up. Suppose its a matter of risk then (to believe or not to believe)? :grin:
  5. I'll look into it :)

    Of course... this is assuming I accept the job and buy a bike soonish..

  6. If you don't mind a few minutes walk, head down Bronte Road to where the video store and tyre mart is. On the other side, behind the Turkish food place, are a bunch of side streets. Once you get one block in, you can park all day for nothing. That's about a 5 minute walk to the centre of the Junction.
  7. That sounds the deal - and what I was looking for. I was going to take a drive out there this weekend to suss it out and find the un-metered streets.

    Now to buy that bike :)
  8. Under the freeway.
  9. True, but I don't think it's as safe there.
  10. Id say it is, in the old days youd think like that but the area is a lot cleaner now.
  11. park at westfield.
    they have bays for bikes and the booms are short on purpose so you can ride around them

    they actually have motorcycle bays after the exit booms

    i have parked there everytime i have gone to bondi on the bike
    w/o the attendants batting an eyelid

  12. as andrew said. park at westyfield.

    ride around boomgates. its designed that way.

    unless your a fat carnt.
  13. +1 Westfield

    bikes don't need to pay and there's always spots available and they're right next to the entrance doors.
  14. +1 Westfield

    Whenever I have to go there for work I park there. Often the ticke machine won't even give you a ticket if you try, anyway. :grin:
  15. Ah - There's the loophole!

    If the machinery won't reliably give a ticket for a motorbike, they can't charge for parking! I'm guessing not enough bikes to worry about it (yet).

    It would be interesting given my (potential) future employer is relocating to the westfield tower.


  16. It's happened to me at a few of the malls in and around the city. First couple of times I asked the attendant at the gate.

    I was promptly told just to ride round and don't worry about it.
  17. ok i'll give that a go ..

    @ broadway .. seems like that aint gon work ..

    @ bondi westfield , maybe the weight measuring thingy for cars to get a ticket wasnt set right for bikes :) maybe that was the faulty part
  18. Actually, I'd never parked at Westfield before, but these guys are dead right. I've just been in there and you can park right at the exit with no need of a ticket. That's your best answer for sure.
  19. i'll take your word for it :) thanks fellas