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[SYD] Computer swap meets?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gegvasco, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. Have a few bits and pieces of computers lying around following some DIY upgrades. Have googled for computer swap meets in Sydney and have drawn a blank. Anyone suggest the best way of offloading some computer bits before they go the way of the Commodore 64?

  2. Mate, if they're no good to you, they're probably no good to anyone else either, council pick-up, I reckon
  3. Anything older then about the 800MHz era is junk.

    How old are we talking?

    Give them to Vic or whatever in exhange for a banner of a monkey picking its nose for a week. That would be worthwhile. :LOL:
  4. Just some basics that someone could use to put together a low end system - CD burner, CD-ROM, MX440 video card, SB Live sound card, KT6V motherboard with a equiavalent era CPU(will have to drag it out and fire it up to remember what CPU it has). Maybe even a FusionHDTV DVB-T Plus digital TV card. I think there is a 20GB and a 40GB IDE hard drive as well.
  5. Oh my... I wouldn't mind the HDTV card ;) .... pitty in'm in melb :cry:
  6. That's not junk! Add Linux and it'll make a perfectly fine desktop. In fact, I still use SB Live on a couple of my desktops, as I never found any need for anything more than that. Why not just put it on ebay?
  7. E-bay - scary. Only time I have even looked at it is when I got told someone was selling an authentic military aircrew patch with my exact name on it(I have a slightly unusual spelling)
  8. I know there is a computer fair/market located in Sutherland and down at Wollongong university. Not sure how much swapping they do, but the associated website might help.

    Australian computer fairs
  9. I'm not sure what it is that scares you about ebay but OK - another option: if you wanted to do a good deed, you could donate it to Computerbank This is the link for the Victorian branch, but they have a branch in Sydney as well.

    As for your original question, I don't know of any swaps like that. There are some 'computer markets' where dealers come and set up their tables, but they are not of the sort where anyone can just come and sell a couple of bits...

    Edit: the markets I was talking about are the ones mentioned in the post above...
  10. my brother might buy it but i dont think it would run battlefield 2 very well
  11. Computer fair was one of the sites that came up on Google but it seems to be a business trader only fair. You have to register with a business name to trade.
  12. mate if you want to get RID of it, i'll pay postage.......
  13. dont know your views on indigenous kids, but it could hellp to put something together for gudga na gurra (the little school in mogo).
  14. Salvo's also like computer donations, that's where my last disposal went to.
  15. Yeah, they don't have to be fantastic.

    Win98 is still around, albeit amazingly outdated, but depending on CPU and RAM, it may be able to run 2000.

    Heck, it could be used as a repository of pictures and music if that's all they wanted.
  16. my boss gives old ones to disabled kids , to play games on , be a good idea
  17. will look into those options. I had looked up one of them - I think it was the Wesley mission. They needed computers with monitors though and I'm not selling one of those.
  18. what bits do you have gregg ? i mean are they all together or in bits..
  19. Once I finish using the MX440 video card on this system(pending replacing whatever it is that is causing the problems with the GeForce6800 on this computer) I will have a system that has the following:
    AMD Athlon XP(1250MHz)
    KT6V motherboard
    1 10GB and 1 20GB IDE HDD
    MX440 video card
    SB Live sound card
    52X CD ROM
    4x4x24 CD-R
    very basic keyboard and mouse
    NO monitor.
    I will be wiping the OS from the hard drive if I hand it on to make sure there is no personal info left on it so it will need a new version of windows.

    So it can be used as a low end system if someone wants to add a monitor and an OS to it. If I was going to a swap meet, I would have broken it all up so I could flog whatever I could.