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[Syd] Coffee Night?

Discussion in 'NSW' started by rc36, May 28, 2005.

  1. OK, Sydneysiders (and those from nearby), when are we going to have another coffee night and where?
    Consensus seems to be out in the middle west somewhere, like Homebush Bay.
    Do any locals know of a suitable venue that would be ok for people coming from over the bridge and those of us arriving from down south?
    Let's take advantage of this glorious weather!

  2. I still wanna make it to one of these, i dont care where or when really. Only thing is me bikes playin up at the moment so i gotta do some work on it(hopefully real soon). But anyways im interested providing the conversation stays away from the corby case, war and religion. Actually it would be better if it was just about bikes :D
  3. Trust me, Mik, last meeting didn't cover any controversial subjects and was a hoot from start to finish. Watch this space.
  4. I am definatly in for this. Wed night again as people seemed fine with it last time.

    I need to check what is around that area as i don't go over there to much.

    Hopefully some one on here will be local to that area.
  5. Talking about weather, how about a quick fan up the Putty road tomorrow (sunday). From Windsor to Singleton and back?

    Its the last autumn weekend and the weather is going to be perfect (same as today).
  6. There's a warning out that the EPA are doing a sting on all roads north this weekend. No idea if bs or not, but watch yourself out there.

    Depending what time I get up, and if the weather holds up, I'm going to go for a ride down the old road. Ain't been that way for a while.
  7. No shit I got pulled over 3 times today, twice on the way to Singleton and once on the way back.

    What a fantastic day out! Worth freezing my nuts off in the morning. Even with a face mask, and thermo underwear it was freezing.

    Got pulled over 3 times by the same group of police and RTA/EPA.

    1st time, they did an RBT test, (I don't drink so no problem). But warn me that the rego sticker thingy should be next to the the number plate (mine is located on the side, near the exhaust).

    2nd time pulled over for a non-EPA approved exhaust system on a mates CBR600. Lucky got a warning (blue defect notice) and need to sort this out within 7 days.

    3rd time pulled over for apparent speeding, I was clocked at 70km/h in a 80km/h zone!!! Got a warning, saying that even the its an 80km/h zone I was going too fast for the 35km/h posted corner limit!! The police say that they can hear me a mile away. I was fanging it but never broke the posted speed limit.

    I suppose they are doing their job. They should have booked the dickhead who zoom pass me on P plates cages (100km/h zone, I was doing 100km/h). The P plates were doing over 150km/h the way they zoom pass me.

    PS : make sure that you have a EPA sticker for your aftermarket exhaust. My friends CBR600 got a defect due to not having this sticker. He has a Yoshi pipe.

    I also got a warning, because my rego sticker is located on the side instead of near the numberplate.
  8. Hey folks, I work over towards Homebush Bay and the Olympic precinct, so I will suss out a place tomorrow and post the results tomorrow night. I'm really looking forward to another get-together, the Newtown night was great fun.
    Just a suggestion, if you've got any pictures of your current or past bikes, why not bring them along for a "show and tell"?
  9. Cool bananas (is that the right number of a's and n's??)
    Teacher: How do you spell bananas?
    Student: I know how to spell bananas but I don't know when to stop
  10. Hornet, I am not sure that there is any food joints at Homebush bay?

    My memory is vague but what about if you go closer to Paramatta? There is a Maccas on the cross road of Paramatta road and I think Silverwater road?

    At least there is a huge carpark there. Alternatively there are a ton of fast food joints along paramatta road?
  11. Yes, but does the Maccas have a McCafe???
    If it doesn't, it's not worth going...if it DOES, that's a good idea!
  12. yep sure does. When pass today and had a coffee this morning on the way to Putty road.
  13. Might be the go, Uzz, especially since it's on a main intersection and easy for us "out-of-towners" to find
  14. I am free on Monday and Tuesday nights, yeppie!!
  15. so is there a plan yet?
  16. Well, I guess that takes care of the venue, no-one yet has decided on WHEN!
  17. This Monday (tonight) or Tuesday is good for me.
  18. Hi Guy's

    Monday's and Wednesday's are the go for me.

    There is another options in that area if people would rather not have McDonalds there is the City extra just down Church street from the McD's they are open till really late and have proper food.

    Also Cold Rock ice Cream (wrong time of year i know) they mix ice cream and your choice of lollie or Chocolate and it is really nice.

    Just an option. Parking on Church street should be OK on a Monday or Wednesday night but i can check it if people are worried.
  19. hows parking at city extra? I haven't been there for about 10 years when I was dating my misses. hahaha.