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[SYD] Coffee Night

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Dog3oy, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. Coffee night in Sydney.


    I was thinking within 10-15k's of the CBD

    north,south,east,west ?


    and is there a coffee shop that will tolerate a pack of scrappy bike riders :wink:
  2. I agree, we the Sydney riders have got to pull our collective fingers out and get something organised.
  3. Dog30y wrote:
    hey guys, bit later would be better for me.... 8ish. Actually you can make the meet earlier and i can meet you there... but thats the earliest i can make it depending on the location.
    i drive to work and need to head home & pick-up my bike before i headout! ...... might be some others in the same situation as me????!!

    there's quite a few sydney people now, so it'll hopefully become something pretty regular..... :D
  4. Doubt I'd be able to make it to many coffee nights due to my screwed work hours, 6 till 2 one week, 2 till 10 the other. I'll try to make it to some though :(
  5. I will show up for a coffee night :D btu will have to wait till I get my bike back together and there is one happening at the road warriors on friday the 22nd of april 8) 8)
  6. Sounds good to me, ill try to make it when possible.
  7. OK

    looking at 8-8.30

    is Balmain / Rozelle too close to town, its just one of suburb where there is a lot of coffee.

    still open to sugestions
  8. I'm in on this one.
  9. For a start
    what about Krispy kreme @ liverpool?
  10. I used to work those hours! You don't by any chance work in a backpackers, do you?


    On topic: I purchased my very first bike on the weekend! She's a Honda Spada. I haven't picked her up yet and am sh!tting myself at the concept of riding her from Frenchs Forest to my place at Ashbury (inner west)... talk about chucking myself in the deep end... Did my L's course over 2months ago and hadn't ever ridden prior or since.

    So, give me a couple of weeks and I'll be at coffee nights! Rozelle/Balmain is okay, but parking is really hard. If you make it Leichhardt, you can park in Norton Plaza, buy a $2 item from Coles and have parking validated for free. And, Leichhardt IS little Italy - best damn coffees in town! :)
  11. Congrats on the bike Flash... If your real nice someone on the forums from sydney might be able to ride the bike from the shop to you place for you. Of course you'd have to pick them up in your car and drive them home again but most people on here are pretty friendly :)

    I'm in security in the city (exciting stuff, not) and I hate my god forsaken hours. :(
  12. Goose where are you working in the city? Both Dog3oy and myself are at Grosvenor Place, near Jacksons, so we will have to catch up some time.

    Flashfire more than happy to help out as Goose suggested if you want. I'm at Willoughby just one over from Frenchs Forest. PM me and I'll send you my number. BTW congrats on getting out there on 2 wheels.

    Attention, All Sydney Riders, Attention!
    8pm this Friday 8th April at Norton Plaza for coffee, food or what ever. Just look for the people standing in the middle of the carpark looking lost holding bike helmets.
  13. Im across from the ASX on pitt st, the white building with the big arse statue in front of it. Actually depending on what floor you're on, you've probably seen me smoking up on the roof. :)

    How long do you guys expect coffee night to go for, I'll come after work aslong as I don't show up just in time to see all you guys putting on your helmets and riding off :D

    There you go Flashfire, Orcus will help you out. What a gentleman 8)
  14. Flashfire, yaaay!!!

    How good is the Spada? Fookin Great, that's how good!

    What colour?
  15.  Top
  16. Orcus - thanks loads for the offer! I'm actually gonna borrow my brother's ute to bring her home I think. But if I change my mind I will certainly contact you. Thanks again. :)

    ON TOPIC: Norton Plaza is on Norton St in Leichhardt. Rather than looking lost in the carpark (underground) why not meet out the front of Norton Plaza shops, just near the pedestrian crossing. Berkelouw cafe is across the road (nice, with outdoors for smokers), or you can walk down to the coffee nazi's at Bar Italia... no skim, no soy, no eftpos, no credit. NO SOUP FOR YOU! Good coffee nonetheless.

    A little further up the road from Berkelouw is a cafe called Cafe Ti Ria next to DeLuca gelato shop. Nice, tres strong coffee. Small outdoor seating area.

    Other than that there are about 10 different cafes within a 5 min walk of Norton plaza.

  17. Coffee eh?

    Hrmm, I'll try and make it to this.
  18. I'm still in on this one - anybody coming from the West?
    Nice bike Flashfire Congrats!
  19. put me down as a maybe at this stage for Friday :D

    Is there parking infront of the cafe?.....be nice to be able to park the bikes infront of the cafe where they can be seen :shock: .... probably not the best idea to have a bunch of bikes parked in a dark carpark in the inner city.....just a thought :)
  20. i wont be coming from the west, but ill be heading back out that way afterwards. how long you guys looking at hanging round? :?: