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[SYD] coffee night. Wednesday 18/05

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Dog3oy, May 11, 2005.

  1. Any intrest in meeting at Oporto Chicken in Newtown on Wednesday 18/05 at say 7pm.

  2. I'll be there, just as long as everyone doesn't pike like last time.

    Also application of the rear brake until movement is achieved on hill starts is manditory.
  3. lol. What happened orcus!? Did you have a little droppy accident?

    Wednesday 18th, eh? *ponders* Maybe.
    Seeing Star Wars on thu night, then The Bird at @Newtown on Friday night. Goddam social calendar *acts all over-dramatic*
  4. you can not ignore the force flashfire
  5. answer to flashfire

    No, that was a shot across my bows after the national park ride a couple of weeks ago, the fault was entirely mine!
  6. Re: answer to flashfire

    No it wasn't! I hold no grudge about that (had forgotten actually).

    :) I'm a relaxed, low maintenance kind of girl. Fear not. :)
  7. Coffee nite

    Sounds nice; a quiet ride up from Wollongong on a Wednesday nite could be quite agreeable
  8. HEY Rc36

    get back to work!!!
  9. Hornet600 not having a go, the bike is all fixed so don't worry, just couldn't stop myself from putting it up.
  10. Orcus...

    ...you are a kind a gracious man, and I appreciate it
  11. *smacks forehead*

    riiight. The shot was from orcus to hornet, and neither had anything to do with me.

    ignore me.

    as you were.
  12. I should be there, at least for a bit. Do fencing down at Sydney Uni on wednesday night, but I might give the exercise a miss.
  13. having lurked on here for a while, learning to 'play well with others' is one of my goals for this year... alas i can't make it this week however will definitely be interested in the future :D
  14. I'd come but I'm not quite confident enough to handle Newtown style traffic just yet :oops: So I guess.. next time
  15. guys
    looking to make the Wednesday 7pm an on going adventure

    pending on how many turn up this week
  16. If you'd like to come, and the only thing stopping you is confidence, I can meet you somewhere & ride with you. Newtown traffic is not much different from any other traffic.

    Let me know if you'd like to do that and we can work something out for you.

    *any excuse to ride* :)
  17. hey Paulie

    Ditto to FlashFire's post too, I'll be coming up from Wollongong and I can meet you somewhere and shepherd you through the wilds of Newtown, if you like (seriously, the characters on the footpath in Newtown are much more dangerous than the people on the road!)
  18. Paulie,
    we are heading back the same direction, happy to ride back with you.
  19. Oh you guys are so kind!

    I'll see if the woman will give me a permission slip and get back to yas tomorrow!

    Thanks heaps!
  20. Why don't we all just meet at Paulie's house and ride on over :)