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[Syd] Coffee night, Tue 7th March, Homebush Bay Brewery

Discussion in 'NSW' started by hornet, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Let's see if we can have a regular get-together? Last night with dog3oy in hospital and lots of people who were only "interested" only three turned up.
    The Homebush Bay venue is good, the food was terrific, freshly cooked and reasonably priced, and after an initial hiccup with an officious security guard, we were still able to park the bikes where we could keep an eye on them while we ate/talked.
    How about the second Wednesday in the month, at Homebush Bay Brewery, at 7:30 ( to make allowances for people who have to work well past 5, or travel some distance)
    As the German guy says in the VW advert "You know you vant it....."

  2. what's up with Dog3oy? Not riding related I hope.

    I think that sounds like an excellent idea hornet600 - here's a gold star for you :)
  3. Yeah, flash see Rider Down post from Orcus, some idiot backed out of a driveway and hit him yesterday AM, broken bones in foot according to Rob
    And thank you for the Gold Star, I will wear it with pride.
  4. I'd like to come along to these things but Weds are no good. :( Mons are the best and the others are ok... but that's just me! Thought I'd throw in my 2c worth as an interested person.
  5. Wasn't that pete the freak, not dog3oy? Or are they one and the same?
  6. Nah, I'm the same I can't do wednesday/thursdays. But I don't complain too much, because then I should just organise one myself :)
  7. Yeah, sorry, got my wires crossed, it was Pete not dog3boy that got hit, sorry folks
  8. Hey, Wednesday night isn't cast in stone, Monday night is prob too close to the weekend, Thursdays a lot of folks have to night shop, what about Tuesdays? (I guess we're not going to get a night/venue whch suits everybody, but let's see if we can get a majority consensus.)
  9. vote 1 for tuesday's
  10. Patske wanna come for a fang?
  11. :idea: :idea: :idea:
    Just had the best idea. Why not do a poll, in the polls and surveys section for the coffee night thing?
  12. As the beer ad goes .. Brilliant!! :)
  13. Great Idea Goose, I've set one up so make sure yall vote :D
  14. I love the results, but how do you VOTE? I WANNA VOTE, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    Tuesday or Wednesday are fine with me, just for the record, since I kinda started the thread anyway
  15. By using the correct URL, so that you are still logged into the forums.
    It's netrider.NET.au and not netrider.COM.au. I have updated the link in the post.
  16. Thanks buddy :D
  17. Mouth, thanks, I feel much better now I have voted. My democractic urges have been satisfied.
    (as the old quote goes, Vote Early, Vote Often)
  18. EH. Just found this website and would be interested in meeting up with other bikers for rides, coffee, drinks etc. I noticed some of you have met up at Homebush. Is that still going on? If so, would be interested in joining in. If not, anyone interested in going for an occasional ride, even just around Sydney, please let me know. Cheers.
  19. Chopper37, just saw you as a new user and noticed you're a Teacher's Aide. You are a legend! I'm a teacher now but was a TA in Special schools for 5 and a half years. It's not a common job so it's always good to hear of other people doing it. :D